Can You Sue a Person for Causing Your Injuries if They Have Umbrella Insurance?

Can You Sue a Person for Causing Your Injuries if They Have Umbrella Insurance?
Umbrella Insurance

Did you trip on someone’s property and bust your knee? Perhaps you were driving through town, and someone hit you, and now you’re left with injuries that have kept you from work. There are a billion different ways you could get hurt doing everyday activities. When that happens, you either have an option to go through an insurance policy if it’s available or to take your case of negligence into the civil court system.

Reach out to a local Henderson personal injury lawyer as the first step toward getting the compensation necessary to cover your medical bills.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is often something that people who are more than financially stable will have to guard themselves against frivolous or unnecessary lawsuits. You would expect affluent families, and public figures to carry this insurance The idea is that if you’re in an accident or wreck with a local business person who is well-known throughout the area as the owner of many establishments that you might sue for more than the insurance they carry on their vehicle.

Umbrella insurance coverage acts as protection for that person from lawsuits of nearly all variety.

When Would You Go Through the Umbrella Insurance Rather Than An Alternative Source of Coverage?

Typically you want to go through the most direct method of compensation. For example, in a car wreck, you would start by going through that person’s auto insurance first. Most umbrella policies require that any lawsuits which could go through auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance to go through those avenues before a victim can file under the umbrella policy.

However, if you’re hurt by the person in a way that would not fall to either homeowner’s insurance or auto insurance, you would go through their umbrella policy. For example, if you’re out in the park for a run, and then their dog comes up and bites you, you would file under their umbrella policy. That policy would allow you to seek compensation for the dog bite if the situation met other requirements such as the dog having a previous history of violent behavior.

How Would You Start A Claim Through Umbrella Insurance?

Essentially this insurance claim will be unlike other you’ve ever gone through for resolution. You will not contact an insurance company or provide a statement as you would for auto insurance. Instead, you will start by filing a lawsuit. Then on their end, the umbrella insurance policy would kick into effect.

At that point, the policy would provide legal support and defend their client. They would enter into the discovery phase, and eventually make a compensation offer. That offer may be a good offer, or it could be too low to accept. Your personal injury attorney would then negotiate with them until either the case moved into court or you reached an agreeable settlement.

Get Your Case Started with a Henderson Personal Injury Attorney

Getting your case started should begin with consulting with a local attorney for injuries. Then you can go through the basics of the injury, the medical treatment and bills, and other factors. For example, if you went through the car insurance and already received the maximum available through their policy, you may need to file a personal suit for the remaining damages.

Additionally, you may pursue the umbrella claim when you have no further options, such as if the person had assaulted you on the street. During the investigation, they’ll pull together all the evidence found to prove the extent of your injuries in both physical and emotional dimensions. After an assault, wreck, or even a slip and fall, you could be more worried about driving or doing everyday things, and that could prevent your recovery from moving forward.

When you get started, you’re proclaiming that you fully intend to get the support you need for your financial recovery and to manage your new medical debt.

Understanding What Injuries a Personal Injury Attorney Will Take for a Case

Only a personal injury law office in Henderson can provide local help for your injury recovery through the legal system. If you are looking for full compensation, then it’s possible that auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and other options may not be able to give you the compensation that you need. What you can do instead is pursue the umbrella insurance policy that this person has by suing them directly.

Talk to the Henderson, personal injury attorneys at Nettles Morris where you can build your case and identify what course of action you must go through before pursuing a personal lawsuit.

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