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Do you need a personal injury accident lawyer? Throughout your life, there is always a chance that an accident injury can happen. Whether you are working in an area where you can fall or driving to the store, there could always be the possibility that you can be in a serious accident that could instantly change your life. If you are faced with a serious accident involving someone else’s negligence, after doing your due diligence in personal injury lawyer review, your priority should be to contact the best personal injury lawyer for your situation. Call Nettles Law Firm for a FREE case evaluation. Call us today at (702) 710-9964.

Even when you are being careful and watching what goes on around you, others may not be as careful.  If you have recently been in an accident that resulted in painful injuries or emotional distress, you may be entitled to filing a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation that you deserve. To help you navigate through this difficult claim and help you to get the best results, hiring a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV can be a good idea as well.

What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

When we talk about personal injury cases, we are talking about any legal dispute that will arise once one person suffers from some harm due to an accident or an injury, and someone else could potentially be held legally responsible for that harm. If you slip inside your own home, it is not going to be a personal injury case. Slipping outside a restaurant on unsalted ice could be a personal injury case.

These cases will become formalized through your personal injury lawyer who will take the claim through civil court proceedings to seek to find the other party at fault legally through a court judgment. In many cases, the dispute can even be resolved through more of an informal setting before the lawsuit is filed. You and your personal injury attorney can talk about the options and determine which one is right for you.

Formal Lawsuit

With a formal lawsuit, you will see a slightly different type of proceeding happen than with criminal cases. A formal personal injury case will happen when you and your personal injury attorney file a civil complaint against the other part, whether they are a corporation, business, or another person. In this civil complaint, you will allege that the other party acted in a manner that was irresponsible and careless and that was why you were in the accident.

In most cases, you will work with your personal injury lawyer on an informal settlement. These settlements will occur among the two parties who are personally involved in this dispute, as well as with their attorneys and their insurers. This is the preferred method because it is time efficient and saves both parties money.

The settlement is going to take the form of negotiations where both parties work to come to an agreement that both will follow. Once the negotiations are done, a written agreement is drawn up and both parties will sign that they will forgo any other action after the negotiations are done. The point of signing this agreement is so that you nor the other party will try to take this matter to court or file a lawsuit and instead will go through the negotiations and receive a payment that both agree on during the settlement.

Never go into an informal settlement on your own. A good personal injury lawyer will be able to help with the negotiations that go on during this settlement. Going into the settlement on your own could drastically reduce the amount that you receive in compensation because you may not know the proper way to go through the negotiations, while your attorney will.

What Types of Injuries Do Injury Lawyers Handle?

There are a number of different injuries that will require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. First are injuries that are considered long-term or permanently disabling. Some accidents that you are in can result in injuries that will affect your appears or physical capabilities for a long time. You know that they are drastically changing your life forever, but figuring out how much these are worth can be difficult. An experienced lawyer in Las Vegas, NV can help you get the most out of any claim.

In many cases, the severity of your injuries will help determine how much compensation you can get. How do the courts determine how severe the injuries are? They will take a look at how much you have in medical bills due to this injury, the type of injuries you are dealing with, and how long it will take you to recover. Even with severe injuries though, many insurance companies do not want to pay and they will try to get out of their obligations. Having a good personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV on your side can ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Some of the injuries that you may suffer that could cause personal injury include:

A Lawyer for Personal Injury Should be Chosen Based on Experience 

What type of personal attorney should I choose for special types of personal injuries?

There are a few special types of cases that are more involved and will definitely need a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. First off is medical malpractice. If you have suffered an illness or an injury due to incompetent, unprofessional, or careless treatment by a doctor, clinic, nurse, hospital, or other medical provider, you may have a personal injury claim. These malpractice claims can get quite involved pretty quickly so hiring a lawyer to be on your side can make a big difference in this case.

Toxic exposure can be a personal injury claim as well. In a world where more chemicals are being used than ever before, it is possible to become ill due to exposure to contaminants that are in the water, soil, air, products, or even in the food you eat. Claims that are based on this exposure can be really hard to prove and will need some great experts in the field and scientific data. And since the chemical industries have a large wall of legal protection around them, fighting one of these claims without a good personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV can be nearly impossible.

What Kind of Compensation Can a Top Personal Injury Attorney Get Me?

The amount and type of compensation that you can get will depend on your special circumstances, and your personal injury lawyer will be able to discuss some of these with you. There are a number of things that can be considered in negotiations and in court that will determine how much compensation you will get.

First, your personal injury attorney will take a look over your medical bills and use those as a starting point for the amount of compensation you will receive. They can then look at how much loss of income you have, how much you will have to pay in medical bills in the future due to this accident, and any reduction or loss of income that you may receive because of this injury. For example, if the injury causes you to become disabled, you may end up not being able to work much, or at all, and your personal injury lawyer will be able to add this into the compensation that you request.

When you enter negotiations or the court trial for your personal injury case, you will find that the defendant’s side is there to refute the claims that you make. Even if you were injured on the property or because of the negligence of the other party, it does not necessarily mean that their insurance wants to just hand out a big check to you and they will fight.

Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can make a big difference. They will make sure that you get a fair settlement and fair compensation, rather than just a random number that the insurance companies hope you will take to save themselves. Maneuvering these cases without the help of a personal injury lawyer can really cut into your compensation and make things more difficult.

Personal Injury Accident Lawyer & Statute of Limitations

Can a personal injury accident lawyer get around the statute of limitations? The short answer is no. Not even the best personal injury lawyer can get around the statute of limitations. You have a limited amount of time to file your lawsuit after suffering a personal injury. This amount of time is going to be known as a statute of limitations. For most states, the period of time that is within the statute of limitations will begin right when the plaintiff has been injured or when they first discover the injury. 

These limitations are established by the laws in each state and they will often vary based on the injury type that you are dealing with. For example, many states have a statute of limitation for injuries that is two years but for sex crimes the statute of limitations is five years and libel or slander is one year.

Each state is going to have a different term for the statute of limitations for various crimes. Your personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV will help you to understand what the statute of limitations in Nevada are and whether your case will fit inside those time limits.

The reason that there are statutes of limitations is not to make things more difficult for you, but to provide some protection towards the party that you want to file a claim for. No one wants to be in court fighting over a case that happened twenty years ago. The evidence is going to be almost negligible at that time and it often results in a lot of wasted money in court with the case going nowhere. If you want to file a personal injury claim, you need to learn the statute of limitations in your state and work with your attorney to help you out.

Where can I find information about laws that govern these cases?

Unlike some other areas of law where you are able to find the rules in various statutes, such as in criminal case penal codes, the development of personal injury law is a bit different. The rules for these come through court decisions as well as a few treatises that were written by legal scholars.

To take this further, many states have taken the steps to look over these laws that are in written statutes and summarize them. But for the most part, court decisions are going to be the biggest source of the law when you are dealing with an accident or injury case.

This is another reason why you should work with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV. Your personal injury lawyer will know about these court cases and can take a look at them to determine the strategy you should use to win your personal injury case in court.

Do I Need an Injury Lawyer?

Understanding all the different aspects that come with your personal injury case can be difficult for many individuals. You are already dealing with issues from medical care and all the bills while suffering from a loss of income when you can’t work. Why add more to your plate without using a personal injury attorney on your case.

A personal injury lawyer is able to take care of the case for you. They will discuss your case with you and then use their knowledge and their connections in order to come up with a strategy that will work the best for your situation. Whether you decide to work with an informal settlement and work on negotiations with the guilty party or you take the case to court, you will find that a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV is a valuable asset to have during the process.

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