The 411 on Med Pay

If you have never heard of “med pay”, you’ve come to the right place. Medical payments coverage is an option on auto insurance that is an insurance company’s best-kept secret. Insurance companies aren’t jumping at the chance to offer you med pay because it is a great deal for the consumer, and not such great deal for the insurance companies. For as little as $20 a year, med pay covers all your medical expenses in the event of an accident. No wonder your insurance agent left that out.

Medical payments coverage states that if you or anyone else gets hurt from using your vehicle, your insurance company will pay medical expenses up to a certain amount—regardless of fault. Med pay is usually in $1,000 or $5,000 increments—and it covers any and all passengers in your vehicle.  Even better, if you and any members of your family are in an accident in someone else’s car, you still have coverage.

Check your automobile’s declaration page to find out if you have coverage for med pay. Or even better, call us and ask for Janice. She will give you the opportunity to come into the office and go over your declaration page with you. Trust us- it’s worth the time!

You can reach Janice at Nettles Law firm at (702) 434-8282.

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