Student of Northern Nevada Raped and Murdered By Her Boyfriend

Student of Northern Nevada raped and murdered by her boyfriend. Paula Davis was raped and killed with two gunshots to the back of her head.

A medical examiner from Clark County testified during a grand jury hearing and stated that the victim was raped while she was dying.

The nineteen-year-old girl was found by her father, who managed to find her car with an iPhone application. Davis was shot to death, lying naked in the back seat of the family’s van.

Police work on the investigation and have a theory that Davis knew her killer, Giovanni Ruiz, a twenty-one-year-old, ex-boyfriend, now arrested. He is charged for murder with a deadly weapon. Ruiz will also face additional charges such as kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault.

Davis told her friends that she felt suffocated by Ruiz. Allegedly, the murderer was limiting her time with male friends. He was forbidding her traveling and joining the FBI because he did not want her to be assigned with a male partner.

The investigation believes Ruiz coaxed Davis into his vehicle, where he shot her in her head; then, he moved her body to her family van, drove it to the park, and then returned to his vehicle. According to the police, there is evidence suggesting the woman was murdered in another place. The van was used as a fake crime scene. Ruiz was sending Davis text messages after he killed her, trying to stage a scenario for his alibi.

The murderer was subsequently buying paper towels, bleach, trash bags, and water at a local Wallmart. Police searched his home on September 10 and found a bullet and a semi-automatic handgun. They also found a receipt for a gun, bought two days before the murder.

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