Storm Topples Over the Kayaks of 3 People in Clark County, Nevada:

All too often, people can be wrapped into an unfortunate incident, just because of a small mistake. It’s very rare that an incident doesn’t turn into a tragedy.

According to a recent report, three people were rescued earlier this month after a storm toppled over their kayaks. This left them struggling in the water between Boulder Beach and Boulder Island.

James Mortimore and Sean Flynn, Game wardens with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, were on a patrol on 13th February 2021. Seeing the storm building up, they returned to the boat harbor and prepared for any emergency reports, which come with such storms.

At 2 pm, they received a report of three people in the water. They left immediately to rescue the individuals despite the high winds and huge waves. They spotted the individuals within four minutes and took them back to the harbor where they evaluated them for injuries with the help of medical staff from the National Park Service.

The gentlemen reached just on time. Else, the situation would have gotten out of hand. Two of the individuals were not wearing life jackets and clinging to the Kayak. The third individual was floating with a life jacket wrapped lightly around them. They did not check the storm forecast before heading into their adventure.

According to the game wardens, these two critical mistakes could have cost the individuals their lives if they had not been rescued on time.
Once the storm started settling, the game wardens recovered the individual’s Kayaks and equipment and returned it to them. They have advised visitors to wear life jackets and check the weather forecast before entering the water.

Incidents like these happen within the blink of an eye, and they can result in tragedy. It’s very important to take precautions for everything in life.

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