Police Are Looking For a Man Who Stole Supercar

Nevada Highway Police are looking for a man who stole supercar. They are looking for your help finding a suspect of stealing more than two vehicles.

In the early noon on October 30, Nevada Highway Patrol alerted the Troopers in their attempt to locate a stolen car (custom-made gray Dodge Challenger).

Shortly after the alert, a Trooper was able to locate the stolen car, parked at the Rio Hotel and Casino. The suspect rammed the patrol car before even the Trooper was able to get out of the vehicle. The man managed to drive in reverse and leave the parking place as fast as possible. Fortunately, the Trooper did not have any injuries.

Shortly after this incident, the stolen car was located abandoned at The Boulevard Mall.

The stolen vehicle was an Auto and Performance Dodge Challenger from Willston, Vermont.

The owner of the stolen car stated that his family’s auto shop is located in Vermont. His family works on custom-made cars; the stolen car was supposed to be displayed at the SEMA car show next week.

The stolen car has several damages, but the owner who now has it back, still plans to show it to the car show; he wants to show people that the car can endure almost everything.

The suspect is a Hispanic male, less than six feet tall, heavyset, with a goatee, wearing a red #32 BARLOW San Francisco 49ers football jersey and khaki shorts.

It was reported that the man was last seen getting on an RTC bus on Maryland Parkway close to The Boulevard Mall.

Thanks to the security cameras from Palace Station, there is a photograph of the suspect’s face (the same man was a suspect in another car theft, just the night before the Dodge Challenger was stolen).

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