Pedestrian Injured in Hit and Run Accident in East Las Vegas Valley

It’s bad enough for someone to flee the scene of a motor vehicle accident. But when they run someone over and take off, it’s unconscionable. How someone could hit a pedestrian and not stay to make sure they’re okay is unbelievable. Unfortunately, this is what happened this week in a hit and run accident in the East Las Vegas Valley.

On Thursday night at about 8:30 pm, an SUV was driving down Boulder Highway. The car was in the Northbound lanes when a woman was attempting to cross the street. The driver, who has not yet been identified, was not walking in a crosswalk at the time of the accident. Witnesses said that right after hitting the woman, the driver sped off.

The woman was rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Authorities say that she is expected to survive her injuries. Her name has not been provided. And, her family has not yet made any statement.

The police are still searching for the suspect. They aren’t sure if it was a man or a woman. What they do know is that the person was driving a dark red or maroon, mid-2000s model SUV. They said the car will likely have damage to the front-end of the left side of the car. Anyone with tips or information has been asked to contact the Nevada Highway Patrol.

The accident happened on Boulder Highway just North of Lamb Boulevard. The police didn’t confirm what kind of charges may be filed against the driver once they are identified. The fact that the woman wasn’t in a crosswalk could affect her ability to collect damages against the other driver. However, her family will likely pursue a claim if they can find out who the culprit was.

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