Officers Shoot a Subject Who Pulled His Gun At Them

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office got a call around 1:39 p.m., from a citizen who said that his neighbor came to his home displaying a handgun and threatening him with it.

The deputies soon arrived at the Cardon Lane area of Yerington and contacted the suspect, who resisted commands to comply with their instructions, including putting his hands up. The suspect advanced on the deputies, and after several tries at less-than-lethal means to obtain compliance, the man pulled his gun on the deputies.

The drama continued as the deputies responded by opening fire on the suspect, who shortly after died on the scene. No deputy or any of the neighbors were injured during the action.

The Nevada Division of Investigation is investigating the case that occurred on Thursday. They got back up from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office forensic crime scene unit. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office also joined to assist in the investigation.

For now, the names of the involved people are not released as the investigation is still going on.

More details of the investigation are expected as the investigation makes progress.

In cases like this, the smartest thing is to call the police immediately.

Many people don’t get that chance and end up injured by a weapon.

Such cases can be quite complex and besides the lengthy recovery, they require professional legal help.

If you were injured in such an incident, besides the medical help, you would need an attorney that will help you file a lawsuit against the shooter.

Make sure you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who will help you in the process and guide you through it.

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