Las Vegas Police Locates Vehicle Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

On Thursday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced that officers located the car and the driver that was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident. The accident occurred on January 11th; the pedestrian died from the injuries.

The police located the white Dodge Journey on Thursday. The vehicle had damages typical with an auto vs. pedestrian crash. Some parts were missing (they were identified on the scene of the accident).

The accident occurred near Las Vegas Boulevard South and Owens Avenue. The police concluded that the vehicle was the same one that was involved in the accident.

The driver of the Dodge Journey was identified as thirty-two-year-old Delia Tormos, of North Las Vegas. He was arrested on hit and run charges, the police informed.

Hundreds of pedestrians are dying in traffic accidents across Nevada. These numbers put the state among the ten most dangerous states for pedestrians.

Since pedestrians are not anyhow protected, they are often ending up with severe injuries or even death.

Nevada is a comparative fault state, which means that everyone involved in an accident shares fault for it. If a car hits a pedestrian in an unmarked road area and the pedestrian did not yield the right way, and the driver was speeding, then both carry fault for the accident.

This is very important when filing a compensation claim. If you, as a pedestrian, carry 10% fault in the accident, then your claim drops for 10% (if the compensation is $1000, you will get $900).

The court will determine who carries the fault.

Sometimes this legal journey can be quite complex and stressful, especially for an injured person, whose primary goal is to recover from the injuries.

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident, our attorneys would help you with your case.

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