Kidnapping Suspect Finally Arrested Near Elko

The activities of teenagers on social platforms are causing increasing concern in parents. Teenagers become unaware of the fact that they are putting their lives in peril.

One such incident took place on Nevada Highway near West Elko, When Emmanuel Nieves, aged 25, was pulled over for speeding. It was roughly 1 p.m. in the afternoon on the 18th of February when the suspect was halted near the West Elko exit. It was a mere case of a speeding violation. No one knew the speeding violation would reveal serious criminal activity.

The officer from Nevada Highway Patrol reported suspicion upon inquiring about Nieves and a teen passenger. The situation raised questions and the officer alleged possible criminal activity.

Further investigation revealed shocking facts to the enforcement agency. The kidnapping incident resulted from an online interaction of Nieves with the teenage girl, as both the suspects planned to flee from the country. Unbelievably, the parents of the teenage girl were unaware of the situation.

It has been reported that Nieves is facing second-degree kidnapping charges for retaining a girl aged 15 in his car without the permission of her parents. In addition to this, the girl was immediately taken to Elko County Juvenile Detention Center. It was later confirmed that she was released to her family.

Nieves has been detained in police custody in Elko County Jail just recently. The case is still under investigation in the District Attorney’s office.

The fear of losing one’s child can bring a shiver down anyone’s spine. Unfortunately, teenagers can easily be exploited. To keep yourself and your children safe, seek professional services.

With the assistance of an attorney, you will be able to get justice. Feel free to contact us for professional advice and consultation in case your children have been harmed in any manner. We may not be able to stop such incidents from happening, but we can surely bring justice for the victims.


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