Jealous Las Vegas Woman Stabbed Her Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend to Death

A jealous twenty-nine-year-old Las Vegas woman has been arrested and charged after she stabbed her ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend to death.

Grissel A. Gonzaga was charged with murder after she killed the twenty-eight-year-old Travis Albert Smith. The man was stabbed and stomped on Saturday.

Gonzaga was arrested not too far from the crime scene. She murdered Smith in the house, where he lived with his girlfriend Alexa Incandella, who was romantically involved with Gonzaga in the past.

Gonzaga forced herself into the home through a sliding glass door. She found the couple in the bedroom, where she attacked them with a knife.

Incandella called the police around 5 p.m., describing the attack; Gonzaga punched her in the face and stabbed her in the arms and legs with a bread knife. Smith was stabbed with a pair of tweezers. Incadella told the dispatcher that her boyfriend had a shoeprint on his head. Apparently, Gonzaga was stomping him.

When the police arrived at the home in Henderson (south of Las Vegas), they found Incandella bleeding. Her boyfriend Smith was unconscious. The woman told the police that Gonzaga escaped the house.

According to the police report, Gonzaga also called 911 at the same time and stated that she was involved in a fight but did not tell her location. Shortly after, the police found her close to her home.

Incandella got medical treatment on the scene, while Smith was immediately taken to the hospital, where he died in the emergency room.

Incandella told the police that she and Gonzaga were romantically involved for two years; they lived together in the same house, where the attacked occurred.

Gonzaga was charged with burglary, an attempt of murder, an open count of murder and domestic battery with a deadly weapon.

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