Former Hennepin County Sheriff Wins a Lawsuit Against Anti-Muslim Socialist

Richard Stanker, former Hennepin County Sheriff, has a reason to rejoice. The man got into an altercation with a former FBI agent, identified as John Guandolo, over his anti-Muslim views in 2017. And the former Hennepin county sheriff wins a lawsuit against anti-Muslim socialist

The scuffle happened at the popular Atlantis Resort and Casino. Stanker originally filed a $1 million lawsuit; however, jurors have awarded him a $600,000 verdict after a trial that ran for 8 days.

The jury inspected evidence and took two days for deliberation to reach the decision.

Guandolo, who runs his own consulting firm is infamous for his anti-Muslim views. He worked for the FBI until 2008 and now lives in Dallas. Guandolo has been involved in several controversies including calling John Brennan, former CIA Director, a ‘secret Muslim’.

He has often criticized the US government for supporting Muslims and is vocal about his idea of banning Muslims. While he has some supporters, a large number of people, including Stanek, do not agree with Guandolo’s view.

Stanek believes that we all have the right to express our views but it should be done in a civil manner, without resorting to personal attacks or physical violence, as we saw during the 2017 National Sheriffs’ Association conference when Guandolo, unable to handle Stanek’s view, attacked him.

According to the lawsuit, Guandolo agreed to meet Stanek at the conference. However, the meeting turned violent when Guandolo attacked Stanek, shoving him into a corner and punching him in the face, according to the video evidence submitted in the court.

The incident happened in the presence of others, making it easier for Stanek to prove his claims. According to the lawsuit, the attack worsened his prior injuries, resulting in huge medical bills.

Stanek appears satisfied with the verdict; however, Guandolo failed to give a response.

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