Father Accused of Killing His Son for Being Gay Appears in Court

Wendell Melton was arrested two years ago for killing his teenaged son for being gay. He finally appeared in court in Nevada on Wednesday.

The boy’s mother, Veronica Melton, said that she believes Wendell shot and killed the boy because he was gay.

Wendell said that his son’s death was an accident; he explained that they had an argument that turned into a physical fight, but that he did not mean to pull the trigger and kill his son. The mother believes that Wendell killed the boy because he was not able to accept his sexuality.

The woman recalls that while she was married to her son’s father, he was constantly making remarks against gay people. She said that he was a homophobe.

The fourteen-year-old boy came out to his mother about two months before he died. She is convinced that her son also came out to his father around the same time.

Wendell was on house arrest since last year. He faces charges of felony possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, open murder and first-degree felony child abuse.

The victim’s mother believes that a hate-crime enhancement should be part of the charges.

Sonja Jones, who was the victim’s foster mother, said that his father threatened him with a gun in another incident after he caught him with his boyfriend.

Jones stated that Wendell hated the fact that his son was gay and that deep down, he preferred his son dead than alive and gay.

The victim was a student at Coronado High School in Henderson, Nevada. He was remembered as “a kind kid with a smile on his face.”

Wendell Melton will again appear in court in February 2020.

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