Driver Who Crashed a Patrol Unit’s Car Faces DUI Charges

A vehicle crashed a patrol unit’s vehicle and injured an officer who was investigating a traffic accident, Henderson Police said.

The officer, whose name is not released, was finishing a report on an accident that occurred about 8 a.m. near Green Valley Parkway and Sunset Road, police informed.

While the officer was sitting in his patrol vehicle with the emergency lights on, a 2018 Hyundai was going east on Sunset. The car drove around a disabled car and crashed the patrol vehicle, the police said. The crash was so strong it ejected the officer from his car.

The officer was transported to a local hospital; he was in stable condition, police said.

The driver of the Hyundai, twenty-seven-year-old Joseph Allen Smith, was arrested on a count of DUI and other traffic-related offenses.

Smith is held at the Henderson Detention Center pending an initial court appearance. He is expected to have an attorney named to represent him.

After the crash, the police were investigating the collision, so the intersection was closed for more than three hours.

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