Can I Sue a Public School Las Vegas Injury Attorney

Can I Sue a Public School?

We hope that you never get that phone call – the one from your child’s school letting you know there’s been an accident. Perhaps your son falls and hurts himself while on the school playground. Or maybe your daughter hurts herself during gym class.

If your child gets hurt while at school, you’re going to want to hold someone responsible. And this makes sense. When our kids go off to school in the morning, we should expect them to be safe.

The thing is, accidents happen. No matter how careful a school may be, there are times when kids get hurt. Sometimes, these injuries are caused by accidents like the ones we talked about above. Other times, their injuries are the result of negligence on the part of teachers and staff.

The thing about suing public schools is that they enjoy a certain amount of protection from the law. In order to have a claim against a public school in Nevada, you have to prove that the school was negligent. There is no such things as strict liability when it comes to the public-school system.

If your child or loved one gets hurt at school, you absolutely want to call a Las Vegas injury attorney. He can review your case and let you know what your rights are.

Can Your Las Vegas Injury Attorney Prove Negligence?

Proving a case against a public school is no different from any other defendant. If you can prove negligence, then you may be able to recover damages from the school. A negligence case requires your attorney to prove four (4) things:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • They breached this duty
  • You were injured
  • Your injuries were caused by the school’s breach

When it comes to filing suit against a public school, you have to follow the same rule for negligence.

Clearly, a school owes your child a duty of care. It’s the school’s job to make sure you child is kept safe. This includes activities that take place on the playground, in the cafeteria and in class. The problem is proving that they breached this duty.

Proving breach can be difficult in a public-school lawsuit. You have to demonstrate that a teacher or other staff member didn’t behave the way they should have. You’ll have to show that whoever was in charge of caring for your child at the time of his injury dropped the ball.

When it comes to proving your child’s injuries, it should be pretty obvious. If your child sustains injuries, his medical records will show it. This is why it’s so important that your child seek medical treatment immediately following the incident.

The school should arrange for your child to be transported to the hospital. If they fail to do this, it could be negligence as well.

What Kind of Damages Can Your Las Vegas Injury Attorney Claim?

If your son or daughter gets hurt at school, you’ll be entitled to certain damages. These damages will include the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering

Whatever medical bills you incur due to your child’s injuries should be covered. Your child may also be entitled to pain and suffering,

There are also damages that you, as a parent, can claim. If you have to miss time from work to take care of your child, you can be compensated for this. You can also demand compensation for any additional childcare expenses that result from your child’s injuries.

Keep in mind, when you sue the school, you’re basically suing the township or county. They’ll have a team of lawyers at their disposal. They’ll fight any demand for damages. However, they also will be more inclined to settle. They don’t want the negative publicity associated with a lawsuit. Your attorney knows this and will take advantage of this if he can.

Call and Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation with a Las Vegas Injury Attorney Today

If your child has suffered an injury at school, you have a right to compensation on his behalf. Call and schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Las Vegas injury attorney right away.

Your attorney can review your case and let you know what it may be worth. He can also let you know if you’ll encounter any special issues since the defendant is a public school. He’ll reach out to the school’s attorneys and try to negotiate a settlement of your claim.

The consultation is free and you pay nothing until you settle your case. Your Las Vegas injury attorney won’t be intimidated by the school. He’ll fight to get you the compensation and justice your family deserves.

Can I Sue My Landlord for Emotional Distress Las Vegas Personal Injury

Can You Sue a Landlord for Emotional Distress in Las Vegas?

Some people prefer renting to owning a home. There is a lot less responsibility involved when you rent. And, you don’t have to worry about paying a mortgage, taxes and insurance. But renting also means you have to deal with a landlord.

For some people, the only time they see their landlord is when they pay their rent. Their landlord is pleasant and fixes things on time. They’d be happy to rent from their landlord for years to come.

For other people, having a landlord can be a nightmare. Just because someone rents you their house doesn’t mean they have to be pleasant. For some landlords, having rental properties is nothing but a source of income. They look at it as a business relationship and nothing more.

There are also times when dealing with your landlord can be very difficult. If you’re dealing with a landlord who has evicted you illegally or refuses to fix your unit, it can be frustrating. For some people, it’s more than frustrating. It can be a matter of harassment.

If you’re dealing with a landlord who has treated you unfairly, you may have a legal claim against him. This claim could be for harassment or even emotional distress. You should call and speak with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas to discuss your rights.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys Can Deal with Your Landlord on Your Behalf

You would think that if a landlord-tenant situation gets heated, both parties could just walk away. However, it’s not that easy. If you’ve been living somewhere for a while, it may not be so easy to just find somewhere new to live. It can be expensive and time consuming. Not to mention that fact that you shouldn’t be forced to move if you’ve done nothing wrong.

There are some situations that can lead to harassment and emotional distress at the hands of your landlord. These situations include:

  • Forcing you to live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions
  • Continually threatening to evict you for no legitimate reason
  • Harassing you and your family
  • Talking poorly about you to neighbors and friends
  • Physical abuse towards you, your family, or pets
  • Unlawfully preventing you from entering your home
  • Verbal abuse towards you

Unfortunately, these things happen more often than you may think. Some landlords think they’re above the law. They have no consideration for their tenants.

What is Emotional Distress?

The term emotional distress can be quite vague. When we hear it, we know what it means. And, we know it when we see it. But, what is emotional distress from a legal standpoint?

Emotional distress in a personal injury case is the impact someone’s outrageous treatment has on you. It has many manifestations, including:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Inability to sleep
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Depression
  • Humiliation and embarrassment

Although it seems extreme to think that a landlord could cause emotional distress, consider a few of the following situations:

You’ve rented from the same landlord for five (5) years. You’ve always been an ideal tenant. Your husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It’s the middle of winter and you have to take him back and forth for treatment three (3) times a week. You let your landlord know that you’re going to be one week late with the rent because your husband is now out of work. You’ve never been late with the rent before. When you text your landlord, he responds with a long text verbally assaulting you and threatening to evict you. He then comes to your home and starts yelling from outside that you and your husband are nothing but deadbeats. He bangs on the door and demands that you pay the rent immediately or he’s kicking you out of your home. The neighbors all see this, as does your sick husband and three (3) young children.

This situation causes you and your family to be very upset. Your husband gets so upset that he has to be rushed to the hospital. You can’t look your neighbors in the face for fear of what they must be thinking. Your husband ends up passing away two days later from a massive heart attack.

Clearly, you have a potential case for emotional distress against your landlord.

Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

If you’ve experienced emotional distress at the hands of your landlord, you have rights. Call and speak with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer today. He can help get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

The initial consultation is free and you pay nothing until you win your case.

How Do You Get Pain and Suffering From a Las Vegas Auto Accident

How Do You Get Pain and Suffering From a Car Accident in Nevada?

A lot of people get a lot of their legal information from watching movies and television. The problem is, movies and TV often get things wrong when it comes to the law. If you believe what you see on some of these shows, you’d believe that a claim for whiplash is worth millions. You may also think that pain and suffering is a guarantee.

In the real world, things are a little different. Yes, if you get in a car accident, you may have a claim for damages. However, this claim is only for damages you actually sustained. If you weren’t seriously hurt, you can’t expect to get a huge amount of money.

The other thing is that not all plaintiffs get pain and suffering. You have to actually suffer and experience a certain amount of pain in order to qualify for these damages.

Your Las Vegas auto accident attorney can review your claim. He’ll let you know what it may be worth. He can also let you know what types of damages you can claim.

Do Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorneys Always Demand Pain and Suffering?

The easy answer to this question is yes, almost always. Most car accident cases involve quite serious injuries. These injuries can cause a lot of pain for the victim. However, this doesn’t mean that every car accident victim is entitled to pain and suffering.

Lawyers are very careful about what cases they accept. If a case isn’t worthy any money. Why would a lawyer accept it? There are cases where the defendant’s insurance carrier pays victim’s claim without question. If insurance has paid your claim, there is little chance that an attorney will want to take your case.

Las Vegas auto accident lawyers like to review a case before they accept to represent a plaintiff. This is why they offer free initial consultations. The don’t want to waste your time or their time. If they don’t think you have a legitimate claim for damages, they’ll let you know.

If a car accident attorney takes a case, it’s because he thinks it has value. And, most car accident cases do involve a certain level of pain and suffering. So, if you have a case worth pursuing, chances are, it may involve a claim for pain and suffering.

How Will Your Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney Calculate Pain and Suffering?

If you are entitled to pain and suffering, your Las Vegas auto accident attorney will have to prove it. He can’t just demand pain and suffering and expect the defendant to pay. He has to submit evidence that you did indeed suffer.

Some of the factors that are used to calculate pain and suffering are:

  • The extent of your physical injuries
  • How long you were out of work
  • Whether you can still play sports you played before the accident
  • Are you able to engage in social activities like you used to?
  • How long did your physical recovery take?
  • Did you suffer any mental or emotional stress as a result of the accident?

The answers to these questions will determine how much pain and suffering you deserve. The amount will depend on a few things:

  • Your age
  • Income
  • The time you’ve missed from work
  • The extent to which your life has been affected by your pain and suffering

Your Las Vegas car accident attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. He’ll have to prove that you suffered these damages.

Your Las Vegas Auto Accident Lawyer Will Have to Submit Evidence of Your Pain and Suffering

There are different ways in which your Las Vegas auto accident lawyer can prove your damages. Some of the obvious ways are by submitting medical proof of your physical injuries. But there are other, less obvious ways to do this.

Some of the tactics your lawyer will use to prove pain and suffering include:

  • Statements from your friends and family
  • Testimony by your doctor
  • Affidavits from a psychiatrist or psychologist
  • Proof of your permanent disability
  • Your own testimony

All of these things combined will demonstrate your level of pain and suffering.

Contact a Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney Today

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and think you’re entitled to damages, call and speak with a Las Vegas auto accident attorney today. He can review your case and let you know what your case may be worth. He can also let you know how strong your case is.

Schedule your free initial consultation now. It gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have. And, since you pay nothing until you win your case, you have nothing to lose.

Can a Pedestrian Sue in Nevada Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

Can a Pedestrian Sue if Hit by a Car in Nevada?

In this day and age of people “going green”, more and more people are walking rather than driving. This is especially true now that we’re approaching warmer weather. No matter where you’re at, you need to pay attention to pedestrians.

When you are the pedestrian, you expect drivers to be careful. You don’t expect to get mowed down while crossing the street. Sadly, it happens more than you may think. Even with crosswalks and pedestrian signs, people don’t pay attention to what’s going on in front of them.

The scary thing about pedestrian accidents is that the injuries are usually very serious. You can imagine the kind of damage a two-ton vehicle will have on the human body, and this is especially true if the car is speeding at the time of the accident.

If you or a loved one were injured after being hit by a car, you will need a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

A Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Can Handle Pedestrian Accident Cases

Most car accidents involve two or more cars. But, sometimes, they involve pedestrians. When this happens, the results can be disastrous. If you’re hit by a car, you’re going to suffer some pretty serious injuries, including:

  • Broken bones – If you get hit by a car, you’ll probably suffer broken bones. You could break your leg, arm or your ankle. You’ll probably need surgery to fix these broken bones. You may also need physical therapy.
  • Back injuries – Back injuries are painful and take a long time to heal. Most disc issues require surgery and physical therapy. Your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Internal injuries – If left untreated, internal injuries can be fatal. It’s important that you seek medical treatment immediately following the accident. You can’t detect if you have internal injuries.
  • Lacerations – You’ll suffer cuts and bruises in a pedestrian accident. Between the car and the asphalt, you could suffer lacerations all over your body. Although they heal pretty fast, they can be quite painful.
  • Facial disfigurement – Your head may actually get run over by the car. This is going to cause facial disfigurement. You’ll need multiple rounds of cosmetic surgery to repair any injuries to your face.
  • Traumatic brain injury – A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when you suffer a blow to the head or some other impact to the brain. It can lead to long-term neurological impairment. If you are in an accident, it is always important to seek immediate medical attention.

Your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will fight to get you paid for all of these injuries.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Have Seen All Types of Pedestrian Accidents

The leading cause of pedestrian accidents is driver negligence. The driver is either not paying attention or just doesn’t care about pedestrians. Often times, people are in such a rush that they just pretend they don’t see the person trying to cross the street. This leads to a lot of pedestrian accidents.

Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Laying down in the road
  • Hiking
  • Sitting
  • Getting out of passenger vehicle

As a passenger, you are entitled to a certain level of care. Now, you have to be careful too. If you’re found to be responsible for your accident, you may not be able to recover against the driver.

Your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will submit the evidence he needs to prove that you were not at fault.

A Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Can Get You Compensation

If you’ve been hit by a car or truck, you need to contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will review your case and see who he needs to pursue. There may be more than just one defendant in your case. It depends on exactly how the accident took place.

Most pedestrian cases are based on negligence. Your lawyer will need to show the following:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • He breached that duty
  • You have injuries
  • His breach of duty caused your injuries

Once he proves this, he can demand compensation for you. Your damages may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability

Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer if You’re Hurt

Call and schedule your initial consultation today. Let an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer review your case for free. You can ask any questions you may have, and your lawyer can also give you an idea of what your case may be worth. And remember – you pay nothing until you settle your case. The defendant will have attorneys working for him. So should you!


Do You Need a Police Report Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

Do You Need a Police Report for a Car Accident in Las Vegas, Nevada?

After you get in a car accident in Las Vegas, a few things may happen. If the damage to the vehicle is small, you may be tempted to not call the police. You and the other driver may want to just exchange insurance information and get on with your day, but this is a bad idea. You always want to call the police after a car accident.

Not only is it the law to report a car accident, but it makes practical sense. There are a lot of things the police can do to help you in your car accident case. If you don’t call them you won’t get a police report, and without a police report you will make life very difficult for your Las Vegas car accident attorney.

Even if someone begs you not to call the police after an accident, you need to do it. In fact, the more they don’t want you to call the police, the more important it is that you do it. There are a few reasons they don’t want the cops to come, and none of them are good!

If you have injuries from a car accident, you need to call a Las Vegas car accident attorney.

Why Does Your Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Need a Police Report?

There is information available in a police report that you can’t get anywhere else. So it’s important that you call the police after a car accident. This information will be extremely valuable if you need to file a lawsuit down the road.

A police report contains some valuable information, such as:

  • Name and insurance information for all drivers involved in the accident
  • Pictures and a description of the accident scene
  • A note about road conditions
  • Statements made by the drivers
  • Name, contact info and statements made by witnesses
  • Driver’s license information (including if a driver does not have a valid license)
  • Information about any tickets or arrests made at the scene

If your case goes to court, your attorney will need this information. It all serves as evidence that the defendant was responsible for your accident. It will be very hard to track down eye witnesses without a police report, and it will also be impossible to get a description of the scene and road conditions.

Your Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Needs to Know What the Police Found

Not only does your Las Vegas car accident attorney need the police report, they need to know what happened when the police got to the scene. Did the other driver take off? Was he arrested for DUI? These are things that you’ll never know if you don’t call the cops.

When the police arrive to the scene, they will do a few things:

  • They’ll check to see if either driver appears impaired. If they do, he’ll have them undergo field sobriety tests and will also do a breathalyzer if necessary. If the defendant is drunk or under the influence of drugs, the cops will arrest him. This will be per se evidence of the defendant’s liability.
  • If one of the drivers fled the scene, the cops can look for him. He’ll call in a description of the car and other police officers will keep an eye out for them, which will at least give you a chance of getting their insurance information.
  • The police can get witness statements. Sometimes, people are reluctant to be witnesses to car accidents and they just don’t want to get involved. They are more willing to talk to the police than to a stranger, so the cops can get witness statements when you probably cannot.
  • The police officer will get a statement from each driver. This is important because whatever the other driver says at the scene can be used against him in a lawsuit. He may admit to doing something that makes him liable. If you don’t get a police statement, he can lie and change his story later on.

Contact a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need to contact a Las Vegas car accident attorney. Your lawyer will make sure that you’re compensated for your injuries and review your case and let you know what it may be worth. He’ll also negotiate with the insurance company to try to get your claim paid quickly.

The insurance company will have lawyers on their side and you should too. Call and schedule your free initial consultation today, it’s free and you pay nothing until you win your case.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney If My Child Gets Hurt At School

Can I Sue If My Child Gets Hurt at School in Nevada?

A lot of parents dread the day their kids start school. As much as they want the freedom of having the kids out of the house, they hate the idea of them leaving. Not only does it remind us that our little ones are growing up, but we hate to entrust our kids to strangers.

The last thing we want to think about is our children getting hurt at school. In fact, this is many people’s worst nightmares. They come up with crazy notions in their heads about everything that could go wrong. In reality, most kids go to school their whole lives and nothing bad ever happens to them.

But, what do you do if something does happen? If your child gets hurt at school, you’re going to be angry and scared. You’re going to want to make somebody pay for your child’s injuries. The question is, who is responsible?

Whether or not you can sue a school for your child’s injuries is a difficult one. There is no clear-cut answer. This is why it’s important that you contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas to discuss the matter.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Can Handle These Types of Cases

When your child gets hurt at school, you want the school to pay. You can’t believe they wouldn’t take the safety of your child seriously. The problem is, it’s not always possible to file suit against a public school in Nevada.

The law provides some exemptions for public schools when it comes to civil liability. This is because the function of our schools is so vital. They don’t want the schools to be wide open to litigation. However, there are circumstances when a school may be liable for your child’s injuries.

In Nevada, you may be able to file suit against a school in the following situations:

  • Your child gets hurt in a bus accident.
    • In this case, you can pursue both the school and the bus company. Depending on the circumstances, either or both may have a legal responsibility for your child’s injuries.
  • Your child suffers a slip and fall while at school.
    • Schools have an expectation to provide a clean and safe environment for your child. If they fall while on the school premises, the school may be liable. It depends on whether or not negligence is found.
  • Your son or daughter gets food poisoning from the school cafeteria.
    • If your child eats the school lunch and gets sick, the school will probably be liable. You may also have to file suit against any outside company the school uses to provide lunch.
  • If your child gets hurt and the school fails to address their injuries.
    • There is a big difference here between the school being responsible for the accident and for addressing their injuries. For example, just because your child falls and hits his head on a desk doesn’t automatically mean the school is at fault. However, if they don’t send your child to the nurse, they could be held liable. The same is true if your child needs to go to the hospital and the school doesn’t call an ambulance.
  • Your son gets hurt in a fight between unsupervised students.
    • Again, this doesn’t mean the school is responsible for all students who get hurt in a fight. You must show that the school didn’t provide proper supervision to the students at the time of the fight.
  • Your child is injured by a bully.
    • Although this is a growing concern in recent years, schools are not automatically liable for injuries caused by bullying. It depends on the circumstances of your case.

Your Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada Will Demand Compensation

If your child gets hurt at school, your personal injury attorney may sue. If he does, he’ll demand that you receive certain damages, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any property damage

Because the victim is a child, there won’t normally be a loss of wages involved. However, if you can demonstrate that you missed time from work to care for your injured child, the school may be liable to compensate you.

Your personal injury attorney must prove actual damages in order for you to recover. You won’t get a settlement simply because your child had an accident. You have to prove that he has injuries.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Today

If your son or daughter gets hurt at school, you are going to need a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. Suing a school is a very difficult thing. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may not be able to sue at all. Let an experienced attorney review your case so you know your rights.

Call and schedule your initial consultation today. It is absolutely free and gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have. And remember – you pay nothing until you settle your case.

Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney after an Accident in Nevada

Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Nevada?

If you get into a car accident, there are two things you need to remember. First, go to the hospital. You need to get medical treatment after a car accident. This is true even if you don’t think you’re hurt. Second, call a car accident attorney in Las Vegas.

A lot of people think they can handle their car accident all by themselves. And, this is true. Technically, there is nothing that says you have to retain a car accident attorney. However, if you want to protect your rights, you’ll get one.

If you get hit by another driver, you’re going to need to file a claim against his insurance. There is a chance his insurance won’t pay your claim. If they deny your claim, what are you going to do? Talk to their claims adjuster and hope he feels bad for you?

Insurance companies have lawyers working for them. They aren’t in the business of paying claims. If they paid every claim that came in their doors, they’d go out of business. And, like it or not, they’re not going to take you seriously unless you have an attorney.

How Does Having a Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas Help?

There are a few reasons why you’ll want to contact a car accident attorney after your accident. Some of them are practical reasons. Why make things harder for yourself? Let an experienced professional handle the legal side of things while you focus on getting better.

Having an attorney can make the difference between getting paid and not getting paid. Here are just a few of the reasons it makes sense to have an attorney handle your accident claim:

  • He knows the filing rules and deadlines
  • He has years’ experience dealing with insurance companies
  • The insurance company will take him more seriously than they will you
  • He understands the insurance company’s history of settling claims
  • If you need to go to court, he can handle the lawsuit for you

Now, we’re not saying you need to call an attorney if you only suffer a few hundred dollars in property damage. That wouldn’t make sense. An attorney isn’t going to want to spend his time handling a claim that small. But, if you have injuries, you need to protect yourself.

What do Car Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas Do?

Many people don’t understand what a car accident attorney actually does. From the time of your accident until you get paid, a lot happens. Your attorney will handle all of this for you.

Here are a few things your car accident attorney in Las Vegas will do for you:

  • He’ll file your initial insurance claim. If the other driver’s at fault, you’ll need to get paid by his insurance company.

    • To ensure that your claim has the best chance of getting paid, let your attorney do this for you. He’ll make sure it has all the necessary information.
  • If they deny your claim, he’ll appeal it for you.

    • Your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance adjuster to get your claim approved. Depending on the reason for the denial, he has a decent chance of getting it paid.
  • He won’t let the insurance company take advantage of you.

    • If they try to pay you less than what you’re owed, your lawyer will let them know. He will not let you settle for less than what you deserve.
  • He’ll review any settlement release required by the insurance company.

    • If you settle your claim, the insurance company will want you to sign a release. You want to make sure your attorney review this before you sign it.
  • If necessary, he’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf.

    • If the insurance company refuses to pay your claim, you’ll have to sue. Your lawyer will handle this for you. He’ll file the initial complaint and follow it through until it’s resolved.
  • He’ll try to negotiate a settlement out of court.

    • Whether it’s through mediation or just negotiations with the defendant’s lawyer, your attorney will try to settle your claim.
  • He’ll go to trial if need be.

    • If your case can’t be settled, your lawyer will go to trial for you. Keep in mind, 95% of all car accident cases do settle so the odds of having to go to trial are small.

Call a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Today

If you sustained injuries in a car accident, you need to call a Las Vegas car accident attorney today. Let him review your case and let you know what it may be worth. The insurance company will have lawyers working for them and you should too.

Call and schedule your initial consultation. It is absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

Fault in a rear-end car accident

Are You Always at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

Ask anyone you know and they’ll tell you that the rear driver is always at fault in rear-end collisions. And generally speaking, this is true. Barring special circumstances, the rear driver is almost always at fault in a rear-end collision.

The main reason for this is simple. The rear driver has the best and last opportunity to prevent the accident. Many years ago, this was the basis for fault in a lot of different cases. Most states have abandoned it as far as the law goes. However, the principle still makes sense.

If you’re in the rear car, you really do have the best chance to prevent the crash. You can hit the brakes, swerve, or at slow down to make the impact as minor as possible. The driver in front of you usually has nowhere to go. They can’t drive through a busy intersection. And if you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, you can’t expect the driver in front of you to slam into the pile of cars.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers Deal with this All the Time

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident. They happen every day. You see them on your way to work or on the way home. You glance, say a little prayer for the people involved and go about your business.

Most of us don’t give car accidents a second thought until we’re in one. And, why would we? Who wants to think about bad things like car accidents all the time?

Las Vegas car accident lawyers handle these types of accidents all the time. Usually, the injuries are minor. Rear-end car collisions usually cause little more than property damage. However, there are times when the accidents are more serious. People can suffer some pretty serious injuries, including:

  • Back injuries – A lot of rear-end car collisions result in back injuries. This ranges from disc issues to spinal cord injuries.
  • Neck injuries – If the impact is strong enough, drivers and passengers may suffer neck injuries. This could be anything from a strain to a broken neck.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – This type of injury is not usually caused by a rear-end accident. But if the rear driver hits your car hard enough, you could suffer a brain injury.
  • Internal injuries – depending on the severity of the accident, you could suffer internal injuries. This can be anything from a ruptured spleen to internal bleeding.

Las Vegas car accident lawyers will fight hard to get their clients paid. They’ll make sure you’re compensated for your injuries.

Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas Have to Prove Who is at Fault

Like we said before, in rear-end car collisions, the rear driver is usually presumed to be at fault. Your Las Vegas accident lawyer will have to prove who was at fault. Unless he can prove that front driver was negligent, the rear drive will probably be held liable.

Some of the situations where the rear driver is not at fault are:

  • The front driver’s brake lights aren’t working
  • The other driver slammed on their brakes
  • The car stopped in an unreasonable place
  • The other driver was texting and driving
  • A third party caused the accident

It’s going to be an uphill battle for the rear driver to prove he’s not at fault. Experienced accident lawyers in Las Vegas have decades handling cases like this. They’ll use all their tools to prove that the other driver was at fault.

How Can Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas Help?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need a good lawyer. You should contact an accident lawyer in Las Vegas right away. The other driver and their insurance company will have lawyers. You don’t want to go up against them alone.

Car accident lawyers help their clients get justice. Whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, you’re better off with a lawyer. There are certain procedures you have to follow. If you don’t follow the rules, your case may be thrown out of court.

A lot of people like to rely on an experienced car accident attorney for protection in an accident case. Depending on the situation, the insurance company may cover the claim. Or, it may deny the claim. Lawyers know how to negotiate with the insurance companies.

Call and schedule your free initial consultation today. The other driver will have attorneys helping him. You need to have one by your side as well.

Car accident caused by faulty traffic lights

Accident Caused by Faulty Traffic Lights

With most car accidents, it’s pretty easy to determine who was at fault. We look to the drivers involved and determine who was negligent. But there are times when neither driver is really at fault.

Some accidents are caused by unrelated third parties. Some of these situations include:

  • A pedestrian causes the accident when he darts out in the middle of a busy road
  • A bridge collapses and injures dozens of drivers and passengers
  • A median cracks and falls into the roadway

These are not common incidents. In fact, it’s pretty rare that a third party causes an accident. However, they do happen.

One such incident is when an accident is caused by faulty traffic lights. From the moment we enter driver’s education classes in high school, we’re taught to obey traffic signals. Stop at a red light. Go through a green light. Pay attention at yield signs.

So, what do we do when these trusted traffic signals don’t work the way they should? A faulty traffic light can cause a major accident. If this happens, you need to call an accident lawyer in Las Vegas.

Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas Will Hold the Responsible Party Liable

Accident lawyers in Las Vegas see all kinds of cases. In most car accident cases, it’s pretty easy for them to determine who is responsible. Typically, you just file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company. Your claim gets paid and you go about your business.

But, when neither driver is responsible, what do you do? You turn to an accident lawyer in Las Vegas. They’ll help determine the responsible party and take the necessary legal action on your behalf.

One possible cause of an accident is faulty traffic lights. If a light doesn’t change to red when it’s supposed to, the results can be disastrous. Imagine all four paths of traffic speeding through an intersection at the same time. There can be a ton of damage and serious injuries caused to dozens of people.

The problem is determining exactly who is responsible for faulty traffic lights. The good news is, there could be multiple parties responsible. Your car accident lawyer is going to file a claim against any potential defendant.

Car Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas Will Go After all Defendants

If your car accident is caused by faulty traffic lights, there could be several different parties responsible. The main culprit will be the city or township where your accident happened. The city of Las Vegas is ultimately responsible for making sure their traffic signals are working properly.

Although the city is primarily responsible, there are still other people who may be named as defendants in a case like this. Some of these parties include:

  • The company that manufactured the lights
  • The company responsible for maintaining the lights
  • The department who is needs to inspect and maintain the traffic signal
  • Any third party who may have damaged the traffic signal prior to the accident

Your car accident lawyer in Las Vegas will have experts examine the equipment to confirm that it was faulty. He can also access other types of evidence to show it was faulty. Some of this evidence includes:

  • Eye witness statements
  • Statements from the other victims
  • Pictures and video from the traffic signal cameras
  • Police report
  • Reports and correspondence with the city showing that they were aware of a problem with the lights

Your lawyer will put together a case to prove that the city and other parties are responsible. He’ll also file a claim on your behalf to make sure you’re compensated for your injuries.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need to contact an auto accident attorney in Las Vegas. If the accident was caused by faulty traffic lights, you will have a claim against the city. You may have claims against other parties as well.

Your lawyer will file a claim against their insurance companies. Hopefully, your claim will be paid. If they aren’t, your lawyer will have to file a lawsuit. He’ll do what it takes to make sure you get the money you deserve.

Some of the damages you can claim in this type of accident include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Call and schedule a free consultation today to discuss your case. The city will have attorneys working for them and so should you!

Proving whiplash injuries

Proving that You Have Whiplash

When you’re in a car accident, you can suffer all sorts of injuries. Some of these are minor. Others are very serious. One of the most common types of car accident injuries is whiplash. Even the most minor car accidents can cause whiplash. It doesn’t matter if you’re a driver or a passenger, you can end up with this injury.

One of the big problems with whiplash is there is no medical way to prove whiplash. A doctor can diagnose you with whiplash, but he can’t prove you have it. There are no medical tests that will show it. X-rays and MRIs don’t show whiplash.

Whiplash is basically an injury caused by stretching your neck too far in one direction. It’s common with car accidents because when your car is hit, your body is jostled about. Odds are, your neck will get stretched one way or another during impact.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers Handle Whiplash Cases All the Time

A lot of car accident cases name whiplash as one of the plaintiff’s injuries. Lawyers handle nickel and dime cases all the time that involve nothing more than whiplash. Because it’s so hard to prove whiplash, lawyers know they can file a claim for whiplash with little to no evidence.

In order to prove whiplash, your lawyer will have to convince a jury that you actually had the injury. Usually, he can do this by submitting medical records showing your diagnosis. He may even have to have your doctor testify that you had whiplash.

There really is no treatment for whiplash. You’re not going to require surgery or physical therapy. Basically, all your doctor can do is give you a neck brace to wear. He may even prescribe pain medication or muscle relaxers. Aside from this, there is nothing a doctor can do for you. You just have to wait it out. Thankfully, whiplash usually heals itself in a few days or weeks.

What Kind of Money Can an Accident Attorney in Las Vegas Get you for Whiplash?

If you file a claim for whiplash, don’t expect to receive millions of dollars. It isn’t going to happen. Whiplash claims settle for just a few thousand dollars. Regardless of where you live, no whiplash case is going to make you or your lawyer rich.

Whiplash is usually just part of a larger claim. Usually, you’ll have several injuries and whiplash is just one of them. Whiplash is almost the cherry on the sundae. You’ll get a few thousand dollars extra for having whiplash.

You have to remember that your lawyer is there to make you whole. It’s not his job to make you rich. He can only get you compensation for injuries you actually suffer. And, these injuries are only worth a certain amount of money. You can’t expect to get a ton of money if you’re not really hurt.

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys Will Work Hard to Settle Your Claim

Most cases settle. It’s just how the legal system works. Nobody wants to go through a long trial. Trials are expensive and time-consuming. They can take years. It’s in everyone’s best interest to settle your case. Your Las Vegas car accident attorney will work hard to do this.

One of the reasons you’ll want to settle your whiplash claim is that it really is hard to prove whiplash in court. Juries aren’t very sensitive to people who claim they have whiplash. To be honest, most jurors think plaintiffs are faking their whiplash injuries.

As soon as a juror sees someone walk into the courtroom wearing a neck brace, they lose empathy. It’s a lot different than cases where a victim breaks their neck or has internal injuries. Whiplash goes away days or weeks after the accident. It doesn’t require surgery. It leaves little to no long-term damage.

Knowing this, your lawyer will try to settle your case. It makes sense for him to settle it rather than take his chances in court. He wants you to get some money for your injuries. The last thing he wants to do is a waste of time and money taking a whiplash case to trial.

Contact a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact a Las Vegas car accident lawyer today. The insurance company will have lawyers working for them and so should you. Call and schedule your initial free consultation right away. Let your attorney work hard to get you compensation for your whiplash claim.