What Should You do if a Car Accident is Caused by a Pedestrian?

Most drivers know that pedestrians have the right of way. While this is true in most cases, it is not for all. There are times when a pedestrian is at fault for a car accident. You may feel that because you hit a pedestrian, you are automatically to blame. This is not the case, and a Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help.

When a pedestrian darts into traffic suddenly or does not obey the laws of the road they are negligent if an accident occurs. Pedestrians are subject to many of the same laws that you are as a driver, and if they disobey them, they have to pay compensation for your car accident.

Instances, when pedestrians jaywalk or cross the street outside of a crosswalk, is considered negligence if a car accident occurs. These instances put you at risk as a driver and can create a car crash where someone is severely hurt.

Driver Responsibility

As a driver, you are trained to keep your eyes on the road and where it is legal for pedestrians to walk. When a pedestrian is not in these safe areas, it can make it difficult for you to see them and anticipate their moves. This is when an accident can happen that is not your fault.

Pedestrians that cross against a traffic signal such as when it says “Do Not Walk” are negligent in an accident because of their illegal actions. Your pedestrian accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, can prove that the pedestrian was to blame in these instances and get you compensation for your damages.

Pedestrians that are under the influence may also have trouble walking or staying within the designated areas for walkers. This can cause them to use impaired judgment that creates a dangerous situation for drivers. An accident can happen, and someone can certainly get hurt.

In addition, if a pedestrian walks along an area where walking access if prohibited, it not only creates a hazard situation, but it can cause an accident. This often includes bridges, highways or causeways as these are high-speed traffic areas where a pedestrian could go unnoticed and get injured. These laws are in place for the safety of pedestrians as well as drivers.

If you are involved in a car crash with a pedestrian, this is not a time to panic. The crash may not be your fault, and a Las Vegas car accident lawyer can certainly help your case. Make sure that both you and the pedestrian get the medical attention you need and make a note of the details of the accident situation. This can make the difference in whether your crash is considered your fault or the fault of the pedestrian.

Will a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, Take My Car Crash Case?

When you experience a car crash with a pedestrian, you need a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. They will investigate your accident claims and work to prove that a pedestrian was at fault for your car crash. Your car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, will establish the negligence of a pedestrian by showing how they disobeyed the law.

A pedestrian’s illegal actions can put them at fault for your car accident. Your Las Vegas car accident lawyer can file a lawsuit to help you get the compensation you deserve for your damages. This will allow you to receive a fair settlement that helps to pay for your vehicle repairs and medical bills.

Your Las Vegas car accident lawyer will fight a pedestrian that caused your car accident. They know the laws for pedestrian-car accidents and prove negligence in your case. Your car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, will represent you throughout the duration of your crash case. They will guide you through the legal process and help you determine the best course of action in your case. Let your Las Vegas car accident lawyer work for you and fight for your legal rights.

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