What Are You Supposed to Do After a Bicycle Accident In Las Vegas?

Yearly, more than 45,000 bicyclists die or get injured from collisions with motor vehicles. Victims of a bicycle accident in Las Vegas with a roadway hazard, truck, or car can suffer serious injuries. A cycling collision will leave you with a wrecked bike. Still, you may require months to physically recover. What options do you have during such trying times?

You deserve compensation if you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident that has been caused by negligence or recklessness of another party. This compensation can cover are your personal injuries, property damage, pain, and suffering.

Here we will discuss some things that will help you and your bicycle accident attorney in Las Vegas build an airtight bike accident claim with the insurance company of the other party.

Evidence Collection at the Scene of the Accident

Contact 911 as soon as you are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. Inform the dispatcher that a car hit you while riding your bike. Notify him or her of your whereabouts, if you have sustained any injuries, and whether the driver has fled the scene of the accident.

Collect Information about the At-fault Driver

Ask the at-fault driver for the following information if possible:

  • Full name and contact details
  • Driver’s license number or permit
  • Auto insurance provider and policy number

Information about the vehicle is also important:

  • License registration number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Model, make, and year

Don’t let apologies by the other party distract you. You may initially think about forgiving the at-fault driver, particularly if the apology seems genuine. Even worse, you may make statements such as, “I should’ve exercised more caution and attentiveness.” Don’t dare say such things.

Attorneys and insurance companies view statements such as “I’m all right” or “It’s okay” as admissions against interest. Such statements can be used to limit or deny your claim. The insurance company of the at-fault driver will use these terms to see to it that you don’t get the compensation you deserve.

The statements that you make may be used against you during the negotiation phase. Always keep your comments to yourself while at the scene. You should only give your comments to the police officers that respond to the accident scene. A police report that these officers create can be used as evidence in the case.

Take Notes of the Scene

Always pay close attention when the other party is speaking. He or she may make admissions of fault while speaking.

Write the occurrences down as soon as they occur. Taking notes as soon as possible is the best thing to do lest you forget fine details. Don’t forget to note down anything that the other driver or passengers spoke of. The fault of the accident can be determined by the driver’s admissions.

Take note of everything. Don’t leave any details out of your notes. It’s better to have lots of information than no information at all. You may start forgetting details of the accident within a few days. Remember, bicycle accident claims may take too long to settle. Your claim may last for months or even years.

Spot any Witnesses

Inform the police officers about any individuals who witnessed the bicycle accident. Tell them that the individuals are witnesses. This ensures that their accounts of the incident are incorporated into the police report.

You should get the contact information of the witnesses once the police are done taking their statements. Find out whether they are willing to write down a brief account of what they witnessed. Request for their signatures and date on every page of their brief statement.

Ask any good Samaritan for assistance if you can’t speak to witnesses due to the injuries you’ve suffered.

Find out if Hazardous Road Conditions Exist

You could have crashed your bike due to damage or obstructions on the road. These include potholes and damaged pavements. Note the precise location of your crash. Find landmarks, street signs, and mile markers around the area.

Take pictures of the accident scene if you have a cellphone or camera. Don’t forget to take shots of reference points such as cross street signs, shops as well as other identifiers.

It is easier to determine who bears the responsibility for the maintenance of the roadway when you have a precise location. This duty may fall either under your local municipality or the state.

The process of filing a personal injury claim can begin once you’ve determined the roadway jurisdiction. Filing must be done with the responsible department of government. This process must be carried out quickly. You may have less than 30 days from the date of the accident to file injury claims in some state and county governments.

Take Photographs

Take lots of photographs and videos of the scene of the accident using your cell phone or camera. Do this as soon as the accident occurs. These photographs and videos should capture any damaged parts of your bike and the motor vehicle. Capture skid marks, guardrails, street signs, or other damaged objects. Don’t forget to photograph your injuries, and any bloodied or ripped clothes.

Don’t pressure yourself with evidence collection if you are injured. You may end up worsening your injuries. This may hurt your claim. Ask onlookers to help you take pictures if you are seriously injured.

Seek Medical Attention and Document Injuries

The medical bills of the claimant make up most offers of personal injury settlements. You can build a strong claim by seeking medical care soon after a bicycle accident in Las Vegas. Still, remember to document your injuries.

Never decline to receive medical care at the accident scene. Your adrenaline and blood levels rise after a collision. Adrenaline can mask severe injuries since it suppresses pain.

You should not be stoic after a collision. Inform paramedics about how you are feeling. Don’t overlook any symptoms. Don’t downplay any symptoms because of your conditioning or age. Go with paramedics to the hospital if they request you to accompany them.

Abide by the medical treatment that the emergency room physician has prescribed. Visit your primary care doctor if you didn’t visit a hospital after the accident. The visit should preferably be within the same day. Visit an urgent care center or the hospital emergency room if you can’t reach your personal physician.

You may severely affect your claim by declining or postponing treatment after a collision. The insurance company may argue that the injuries you sustained have no relation to the accident.

Keep taking pictures of your injuries as you continue to recover. The development of swellings and bruises may happen after some days.

Ask someone to photograph you in the hospital bed if you’ve been admitted. This can come in handy in the event your case ends up in court. You can use these pictures to win over a jury. The jury can see that you were in pain.

Reach out to Nettles Morris for Help with Your Bicycle Accident in Las Vegas

There are complicated legal matters involved in most collisions between cars and bicycles. It is wise for you to reach out to a personal injury lawyer when you are involved in a bike accident. This attorney should know about bicycling, and he or she should be experienced in bike accident cases. There’s a lot at stake when you deal with the insurance company by yourself whilst recovering from your severe injuries. You deserve compensation for the damages you suffer. Reach out to our law firm today to find out more about your claim’s full value.