What Are You Supposed to Do After a Henderson Tractor Trailer Accident?

Our Henderson tractor trailer accident attorneys take these types of accidents very seriously. They pay special attention to truck accident victims because they have seen the serious injuries these victims often suffer, and the devastating consequences that come after the crash. Truck accidents often involve several vehicles, cause serious injuries, sometimes death, and result in large hospital and repair bills.

Here we will discuss some steps you can take after a Henderson tractor trailer accident to help your attorney build a strong case.

1. Immediately Report the Crash

Everyone involved in a Henderson tractor trailer accident needs to remain at the crash scene. Your immediate priority should be to ensure your safety. You should also get your car away from the road, if possible. Turn on the hazard lights, put cones around your vehicle and if possible, also light road flares. The goal is to ensure that other drivers on the road are able to see your car. It is to prevent another accident from happening.

Immediately call 911 in case someone is injured or has lost their life in the accident. If that is not the case, call the state highway patrol or the police. After the arrival of the police, they will take stock of the situation and fill out an accident report. They will also give you instructions on next steps to take. It is your right to get a copy of the accident report and you should request the officer to give you a copy. The accident report will be presented as evidence in case you feel the need to go to court.

2. Get Medical Treatment

You should immediately get medical attention after the accident. It does not matter whether you are injured or not. Sometimes, people involved in an accident are unable to notice an injury or feel pain due to an adrenaline rush. If you have not immediately gone to a hospital or have not received treatment right at the crash scene, you should go to your doctor immediately after the accident. Make sure everything is right with you medically.

If you do not get the required medical treatment or you choose to ignore the treatment recommendations, you might not be able to get any financial compensation for your injuries.

3. Keep Record of Other Involved Parties

You should try to find as much information as you can about the other parties in the accidents such as any identification marks or any unique signs on the vehicle. If there is a truck involved, it might be the fault of the truck driver, and the company that has employed the driver might also be liable for damages to your vehicle as well as your injuries. It is important to collect this information to ensure that all the potentially liable parties can be held responsible.

4. Exchange Information

You should try to exchange information with other parties involved in the accident right at the crash scene. It is not easy to track someone once they leave the accident scene. It might be difficult for you to get in touch with them even when you have their name or name of the truck company. If you have their contact information, things will be relatively easy when you seek compensation for injuries.

Try to get the following information:

  • Phone number, name, and email address of the driver
  • Name of the insurance company of the driver as well as their policy information
  • License number of the truck driver
  • Name and contact information of driver’s employer

5. Look for Witnesses

It is important to look for witnesses who are at or near the accident scene. You should either get their contact information or get a witness statement. They might be needed to testify if your case goes to court. Do not forget to check the accident report to find out whether you have missed any witnesses who have been interviewed by the responding officer.

6. Document Everything

It is essential to document the accident scene. Use your camera or your phone. Take photos from every angle as these photos can go a long way in establishing the party at fault for the accident. These photos might also help establish the severity of your injuries as well as damage suffered by your vehicle and all the other details. Photographic evidence is hard to argue with and these photos can be utilized for determining the real cause of the accident and for recreating the accident scene.

If you have suffered injuries, you should immediately capture your injuries on your camera. It is also recommended to keep a record of your recovery with the help of a journal or photos. It will help you document the severity of your injuries and the time it has taken for you to recover. This is the type of evidence that can will go a long way in deciding the compensation you get.

7. Choose Your Words Carefully

An insurance adjuster will get in touch with you after the accident. However, you need to choose your words carefully as anything you say could be used against you. Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with an attorney before you talk to an insurance adjuster. An experienced attorney can offer you expert advice on things you should or should not say. Do not give any written or recorded statement to the insurance adjuster before speaking with your attorney. Keep in mind that you have to cooperate with the insurance company, but that does not mean that you have to give them a statement.

Get in Touch with a Henderson Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

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