What Things Can Lead to a Henderson Motorcycle Crash?

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The NHTSA reports that 13 out of 100,000 cars are involved in fatal accidents. However, the fatality rate of motorcycles is 72 per 100,000. Also, motorcycles tend to be at a higher probability of being involved with a fatal accident over a per-mile traveled basis. For every single mile that is traveled, a motorcyclist has a 35 times higher risk being in a deadly accident compared to the driver of a car. In 2004, 37,304 people died in traffic accidents across America. In that same year, 4,008 motorcyclists died in crashes.

Motorcycle accidents tend to result in serious injuries and significant damage to personal property. For this reason, it is essential to learn the main reasons behind accidents so that motorcyclists can learn how to avoid them. It is also essential to know who could be responsible for a Henderson mototrcycle crash to ensure an injured rider can seek appropriate court action if they want to.

A Car Making a Left Turn

Since a motorcycle is much smaller than a car, it might be more challenging for drivers to see them. Whenever a driver is making a left turn, they need to ensure no vehicles are approaching in the other lane. A driver who fails to see a motorcycle might assume that the most recent car that passed was the very last vehicle, and the coast is clear. In this situation, the car driver is the one who was to blame for the accident. These kinds of accidents tend to happen more often in rural areas, but they can also take place in urban areas.

A Motorcyclist Taking a Turn Too Quickly

Any time a motorcycle rider takes a sharp turn at a high-speed, the motorcycle might touch the highway. If this happens, it could lead to the rider losing control of their bike and crashing. Crashes that correspond with unsafe riding usually happen with inexperienced riders who may not understand how well a motorcycle will be able to handle a turn. Sometimes a crash could be avoided just by riding out the turn and allowing the motorcycle to come out of it naturally. In this situation, the motorcyclist is considered at-fault for the accident because roads can go from straight to curved at any time.

Lane Splitting

It is not legal to lane split in every state simply because it often contributes to motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist that drives between two lanes puts themselves at an increased risk of getting into an accident. This is due to the reduced room for maneuvering, staying too close to vehicles nearby, and because drivers of cars won’t be expecting a motorcycle to pass them in stopped or slow traffic.

Road Debris

A car can usually get past a slick part of the road or running over some gravel without any problems. However, when a motorcycle suddenly encounters a slippery road or patch of gravel, there may be an accident. That is most likely the situation even with experienced drivers since a motorcycle is a lot lower to the ground – meaning that even a slight loss in traction is not ideal. In these types of situations, the local jurisdiction might be ruled at-fault to the accident if the road was slick or loaded with gravel. In other times the court may find nobody to be officially at-fault for the accident.

Poor Weather Conditions

Strong winds can cause a motorcycle to wobble while being driven. Rain, ice, or snow may also result in poor road conditions, causing it to be unsafe to ride. When this sort of weather occurs suddenly, it could be very difficult, and sometimes impossible, for a driver to safely get off the road. During times like this, drivers should increase their following distance, no matter what type of road they are on. Here are some safety tips for riding a motorcycle in bad weather.

Poorly Trained or Inexperienced Drivers

A motorcyclist should attend training classes before driving a motorcycle on a public road on their own. Having the right education regarding how to ride a motorcycle safely will reduce the odds of taking risks that could lead to an accident.

Reach Out to an Experienced Henderson Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

Many different things can cause a motorcycle crash. An accident is often caused by a blend of poor road conditions and poor driving habits. However, when the accident involves a car, the driver of that car is typically the one to blame for the wreck. When that happens, the motorcycle rider is entitled to receive compensation for their injuries and other damages.

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