How Do I Track Down the Uber Driver Who Caused My Accident?

Whether you were cut off by someone, hit directly by an uber driver, or a passenger in a rideshare car, then you need to be able to locate this person. Hopefully, you were able to take all the appropriate steps at the crash scene. You may have seen this person or even exchanged their information, but it’s clear that finding anyone in Vegas is difficult. With legal guidance from an Uber accident attorney in Nevada, finding people can be less difficult.

What to Do If You Were the Rider in an Uber Accident in Nevada

If you were a passenger in rideshare during an accident, then it’s very unclear what to do and how to approach the situation. Clearly, your own car insurance company may not be very interested in handling the case because you weren’t the driver or a driver involved in the crash. But it may seem impossible to get the driver’s information and know-how to file your claim.

Uber makes it easy for riders to file claims to them directly because of how unclear that situation is. Uber, and Lyft as well, both have substantial insurance policies in place and accessible for riders. That takes the concern of finding that driver or the other driver involved as part of the case resolution.

How to Handle it If You were Another Driver

If you were the other driver in a crash, they may have only flashed their information and then taken off quite quickly. If you are even in a crash with a rideshare driver, then you should immediately call the police for them to file a report. You have passengers to consider and your own welfare and financial recovery to lookout for.

As the other driver in a crash, you should take responsibility to submit a claim to your insurance, file a police report, and ultimately contact Uber for resolution. Finding the other driver shouldn’t be your top concern. But, by contacting Uber, if you were unable to get the driver’s information, they may be able to help you through that.

For example, if the driver bailed, then contacting Uber or using a lawyer to subpoena their records can help you find the person who fled the scene of a crash. Hit and run rideshare accidents are becoming more common, and Uber is taking steps to participate in finding their drivers that haven’t acted according to the law or their policies. Contact the police and contact Uber.

Contact Uber Immediately

Uber has a driver-partner insurance program, which means that you may not need to find the driver directly. You might not need to go through that driver’s insurance at all if the app was open or active. If an Uber driver was in a crash during an active ride, then Uber records all of their location information. It also makes a recovery available for any injured victim.

When the app is off, they may not be recording location information but may still be able to provide clear insight into the driver’s driving history and patterns. If you know the name of the driver, a lawyer can start the process of formally requesting that driver’s records from Uber. The best way to start this is to contact Uber directly and inform them that their driver hit your vehicle, and you are unable to locate them.

File and Follow Up on Your Police Report

Police reports are a critical element of any crash, and if you were the victim of someone who fled the scene, then you need a police report even more. But, filing your report isn’t enough. You need to follow up and keep in contact with the police who are part of this investigation.

An attorney in NV may be able to make investigative headway as well by requestion the records of a nearby business who have cameras on the crash site. These elements and bits of information can help find the Uber driver eventually.

When to Call an Uber Accident Attorney in Nevada

Any Uber crash law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada should be ready to take your case, but you’ll need to find the right attorney for your case. That means you need someone with experience handling rideshare companies and doing quite a bit of investigative work on a case. Nettles Morris has experience in both of these aspects make us among the top choices for auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas. Contact Nettles Morris shortly after your Uber crash to start the investigation and evidence collection process right away.

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