Should You Take Pictures of the Scene After Getting Hurt?

With everyone having a top-notch camera in their pocket, even a basic phone can help you change the course of your personal injury case in Henderson. Car accidents have become so reliant on mobile phones and the cameras in them that now insurance companies expect their clients to start their claims and submit evidence through that system. The struggle is that some people do not feel comfortable enough to take pictures of the scene or grab screenshots of the messages exchanged between the insurance company or the other driver.

In car accident injuries, you simply can’t afford to miss out on evidence because, in the time span of a few hours, the entire scene will be clean. First responders and city employees are on hand to negotiate and facilitate cleaning up the scene so that the roadway is safe for the other drivers. Basically, if you don’t take pictures of the scene right after getting hurt or into a crash, you may not have another chance.

The Power of an Image as Evidence

Photographs really changed the game in court cases decades ago. But back then, you were lucky to have a solid, high-quality image of a crime scene that didn’t come from an investigative source. Now a victim has the control to go through and collect evidence against the person who hit them or hurt them.

Images stand to show a still frame in time of the event. That means that you can document what the vehicles looked like, the state of the weather, tracks left on the roadway, and damage done to guardrails. Although it may seem a little over the top, what you’re looking for is the opportunity to go through and collect as much evidence as possible. Tire tracks on the road may show that the driver behind you had to forcefully hit their breaks, and it still wasn’t enough to stop the accident. That could help you prove fault and that the driver was much too close.

Video Evidence is Even Better

Motorcyclists across the nation are doing everything they can to protect themselves from other drivers and insurance companies. They’re doing that by installing Go Pros on their helmets and bikes. Drivers are following suit with dashcams and rearview cameras. The evidence obtained from these devices has helped to prove road rage, aggressive driving, and support claims that the other driver was texting behind the wheel.

Now, you can record in public, whether that be with a dashcam or with your phone at the crash site. Some people may become upset, and in that case, you should alert authorities and retreat to your vehicle.

What Pictures Should You Take of the Scene?

There are key images that you’ll want to provide to your attorney. Of course, any images of your injuries are critical. However, other photos such as of the damage to any vehicles, as mentioned earlier, any tire tracks, and the weather can also play an important role. Make sure to also document the other driver’s information, and you can do that by taking pictures of their insurance cards and driver’s license.

How Can You Submit Your Photo or Video Evidence?

What you will need to do initially is to prove the digital files to your attorney. Although your car insurance may request them directly from you, handing them to your attorney ensures that there’s the proper chain of communication. After you tell your insurance provider that there’s a car accident lawyer involved, they shouldn’t try to contact you directly, everything should go through the law office you’re using.

Then your attorney will go through and provide either the digital file or a printed photograph to the insurance companies involved or present them in court as evidence.

Talk to Your Local Car Accident Attorney at Nettles Morris

Car accidents can derail lives, but with the right evidence, you can prove fault and get compensation to cover your damages. You know you didn’t cause this wreck, but don’t argue with the other driver about the fault. Instead, simply move forward by taking images of the scene and your injuries to support your claim.

When you go through and take pictures of the scene from your phone, those will all have information such as your time, and even sometimes your location. That can be used to support your claim as well. The downfall of the entire system is that often your insurance company just doesn’t want to deal with it. Instead, call our local Henderson law office for resolving car accident injuries.

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