Can I Sue My Landlord for a Slip and Fall?

Landlord negligence is a common instance, and if you have a slumlord, you know that it’s kind of just a matter of time before something goes wrong. Your landlord should ensure that the home is safe and generally hazard-free. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case because when you have a house that is being lived in, you’re going to run into hazards constantly. The question is, though, whether you have a case to put sue your landlord or not is where our slip and fall accident lawyers in Las Vegas car help you.

“Trip and Fall” Risks

Trip and falls around the home, make up many emergency room trips and injuries. The most common trip or slip and fall injuries that people experience are soft tissue, head, and joint injuries. Other injuries such as spinal cord injuries and broken bones are also serious hazards. Tripping over a crack in a step, or on concrete is something that could lead to injuries that keep people out of work for weeks or months.

Other hazards, such as exposed root systems, tree stumps, and growth in the yard, are all issues that many property owners overlook and don’t take action on. But when a renter trips over something in the yard only to dislocate a joint or break a bone, it’s clear that this is a serious issue. It’s often a “too little too late” situation. In fact, falls make up a large portion of elderly deaths not associated with natural causes. Every year, elderly people face millions of injuries caused by falls.

Issues with Standing Water

Slip and falls happen most often when water or ice is involved. Standing water is a major risk because it moves the liability from the resident to the owner. If appliances leak or certain areas of the porch accrue water regularly, then it’s clear that this is a slip hazard, and it is on the owner to make the necessary repairs to prevent or reduce that risk.

When you have long-standing water or water that seems to build up over time in specific areas, then you need to notify your landlord right away. Putting someone as liable can be difficult, so make sure that you take pictures and thoroughly document the issue that leads to the standing water.

What is a Landlord Really Liable For?

When your landlord doesn’t help to create a safe environment, then they are liable. You have to plan out and create a strong case to show negligence. Things like showing that you notified them of the risk before the accident can be very easy or extremely challenging. For example, if you have a long string of text messages notifying them that a stump in the yard is a trip hazard. Then you could have that brought into the case to show that you clearly communicated the hazard.

You must also show that the landlord failed to do anything such as fall in tree service, repair a leak that caused a consistent puddle, or repair a crack in the sidewalk. Of course, the landlord needs time to take care of these repairs as well. Not that you alerted them of the risk one day, and the next fell and got hurt.

Eventually, you need to prove that your injuries were a result of the accident caused by the hazard in the home. So if the washing machine leaked constantly, and you slipped on the washing machine puddle, then had to go to the ER that bill would be your proof here.

It’s difficult to go through all the steps to prove that a landlord really was liable, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Showing physical harm, the presence of the risk, and the failure to do something about the hazard can be enough to get your case started.

Should I Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer?

In most cases, you should get an attorney because you may not need to file a formal lawsuit. If you rush to file a lawsuit, then you may have missed your chance at lower attorney fees that you could have gotten if you file a claim through an insurance policy and only worried about negotiations.

You may not need to go into a courtroom, but a Las Vegas based personal injury law firm should take care of much more than that. They should handle insurance negotiations and more. Reaching out to Nettles Morris can get you started on the resolution process of a slip and fall in your rented home.

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