How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

For people who have been involved in any type of accident, whether it was a car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or a defective product, you need to ensure you receive the right amount of compensation for your injuries. That will only occur if you file the appropriate personal injury lawsuit. To calculate the value of your claim, it is critical to consider the different variables involved. There are numerous factors that are part of the claims process. Each of these factors is unique in terms of the role they play. It would help if you talked to an experienced Henderson personal injury attorney to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Key Factors That Determine the Value of Your Injury Claim

Whenever you are involved in an accident and sustain injuries that are not your fault, you should seek appropriate compensation from the responsible party. However, the amount of compensation you will be entitled to is not easy to calculate because every case is unique. It is important to have an experienced law firm working for you that will properly assess your case’s value based on the following variables:

1. Medical Fees 

Medical fees refer to anything that relates to medical costs that play a role in your treatment and recovery process. They can include transportation costs to see your doctor, medical devices used for therapy, and the use of specific pain medications, to name just a few. Each cost will accumulate, and you will want to be compensated for all of those charges that you have incurred. The same is true for people who have a permanent injury they are dealing with and all of the associated costs that are directly related to the accident or injury.

Medical fees are a type of economic damage. Economic damages are monetary losses that can be proven, such as medical bills, repair bills, and lost income.

2. Pain and Suffering 

If you have had to deal with emotional pain due to your accident, a pain and suffering multiplier should be added to the total value of your compensation claim. You will want to add that to the economic damages you have incurred as a result of your accident and injuries. It will depend on what effect your accident has had on the overall quality of your life. A couple of good examples would be PTSD or an anxiety disorder. You need to ensure that you have the appropriate protection in place and to learn more about this issue from your attorney. That includes making sure you understand the damages that are involved with pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering is a type of non-economic damage. Non-economic damages are not easy to quantify and will include things like loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and mental anguish.

3. Comparative Negligence 

This is the amount of responsibility that an individual has in terms of the accident and any injuries that result. You may have to claim some percentage of responsibility based on what occurred. In Nevada, you will still be able to recover compensation as long as you are not more than 50% at fault. If you do hold some percentage of fault, your compensation amount will be reduced accordingly. For example: let’s say you are 30% responsible for the accident with a compensation award of $100,000. Your compensation would be reduced by 30%, or $30,000, leaving you with a total reward of $70,000. If you are more than 50% responsible, you will not receive any compensation. 

How Can a Henderson Personal Injury Attorney Help?

When it comes to filing a claim, it is critical to take the appropriate steps. Hiring a personal injury attorney will help make sure that happens. They can build a strong case for your claim so that you have a good chance of winning and receiving the compensation that you deserve. It is critical for anyone wanting to build a strong case.  

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s a good idea to speak with a qualified personal injury law firm in Henderson, Nevada and get started on your case as soon as possible. When you choose to work with Nettles Morris, you can quickly move forward on your claim and obtain great results. We also work on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to worry about legal fees unless we win. Call today or contact us online to get your free consultation scheduled and get started on your claim.