Can You Press Personal Injury Charges Against Home Intruders?

Home intruders can cause all variety of havoc, and the result is that the people living in the home have to go on living in fear and pain. Home invasions often come with some variety of assault and can be more than slightly traumatic for the entire family. Unfortunately, as the criminal court leads the front on handling home invasions, many victims have little resources or support for what they need when the state takes over for them.

Instead of sticking to your typical support groups, take action. Add a local Henderson personal injury attorney into your recovery plan along with the victim’s support groups and the connection you have for the criminal charges.

Time Limits on Filing Personal Injury Cases

Every state has a time limit on filing a tort claim, and that is usually two years. Nevada falls into that two-year umbrella in that you only have two years from the date of the injury or, in this case, robbery to file. It is always better to file early. That way, witness statements, and evidence are collected immediately.

It can be all too easy for a victim to spend so much time focusing on their recovery on in seclusion that they simply don’t ever file within the time frame. Filing within two years is critical; outside of that window, you won’t have the opportunity to seek out compensation on the injuries you sustained during the home invasion.

What you can do is early on into your rehabilitation is to contact a Henderson personal injury attorney. Then allow them to focus on evidence collection and working with their team to assemble a case while you focus on getting better.

Pressing Charges Against Home Intruders

Pressing charges and filing for a civil claim is slightly different. When you choose to press charges, and sometimes that may not be a choice, you’re saying that someone performed a criminal action. In other words, those charges refer to a court case that will take place in the criminal court system where it is the State of Nevada v. the accused. In those cases, a jury will sit, hear the case, and make a decision if the accused does not plead guilty. Then set out structures for sentencing will determine what will happen afterward.

Now, in a civil claim, you’re saying that one person caused you harm and that they owe you financial compensation for that harm. You can press civil charges for injuries that relate or are the same criminal action. For example, in a home intrusion, the accused may face criminal charges of breaking and entering, theft, and assault. But, you may also choose to take them to civil court for the physical trauma of the assault and the emotional trauma of the event.

Were You Hurt by Home Intruders?

Home invasions are often only a way for the thief to acquire objects or money, and usually, there isn’t the intent to harm. But you have someone who’s willing to break into a house, to put people at risk, and more often than not, these people are armed. In October 2019, Henderson saw a home invasion gone wrong when a local rapper was shot in his father’s home during a home invasion.

Being shot, or otherwise assaulted during a home robbery can take your claim in a very different direction. You may push to have the accused cover your medical bills or that the defendant should have to pay not only for medical costs but also the therapy needed for the PTSD from the robbery.

Will You Need a Personal Injury Attorney from Henderson?

Personal injury lawsuits that aren’t outright from a slip and fall, car accident, or dog bite, then you may need the guidance of a law firm in Henderson, Nevada. The reason for this is that you’ll have to look and approach the evidence with a different approach than usual. After a home invasion, you may have self-defense injuries, or you may have been hurt in such a way that you needed immediate and costly medical attention.

After a home invasion, and if you were hurt, contact Nettles Morris. Our attorneys in Henderson can help you determine if you have grounds to file a claim in civil court. You may even be able to add trauma and mental anguish to your claim as well. Reach out now, schedule a consultation with your local personal injury attorney in Henderson at Nettles Morris.

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