Can I Sue If My Child Gets Hurt at School in Nevada?

A lot of parents dread the day their kids start school. As much as they want the freedom of having the kids out of the house, they hate the idea of them leaving. Not only does it remind us that our little ones are growing up, but we hate to entrust our kids to strangers.

The last thing we want to think about is our children getting hurt at school. In fact, this is many people’s worst nightmares. They come up with crazy notions in their heads about everything that could go wrong. In reality, most kids go to school their whole lives and nothing bad ever happens to them.

But, what do you do if something does happen? If your child gets hurt at school, you’re going to be angry and scared. You’re going to want to make somebody pay for your child’s injuries. The question is, who is responsible?

Whether or not you can sue a school for your child’s injuries is a difficult one. There is no clear-cut answer. This is why it’s important that you contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas to discuss the matter.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Can Handle These Types of Cases

When your child gets hurt at school, you want the school to pay. You can’t believe they wouldn’t take the safety of your child seriously. The problem is, it’s not always possible to file suit against a public school in Nevada.

The law provides some exemptions for public schools when it comes to civil liability. This is because the function of our schools is so vital. They don’t want the schools to be wide open to litigation. However, there are circumstances when a school may be liable for your child’s injuries.

In Nevada, you may be able to file suit against a school in the following situations:

  • Your child gets hurt in a bus accident.
    • In this case, you can pursue both the school and the bus company. Depending on the circumstances, either or both may have a legal responsibility for your child’s injuries.
  • Your child suffers a slip and fall while at school.
    • Schools have an expectation to provide a clean and safe environment for your child. If they fall while on the school premises, the school may be liable. It depends on whether or not negligence is found.
  • Your son or daughter gets food poisoning from the school cafeteria.
    • If your child eats the school lunch and gets sick, the school will probably be liable. You may also have to file suit against any outside company the school uses to provide lunch.
  • If your child gets hurt and the school fails to address their injuries.
    • There is a big difference here between the school being responsible for the accident and for addressing their injuries. For example, just because your child falls and hits his head on a desk doesn’t automatically mean the school is at fault. However, if they don’t send your child to the nurse, they could be held liable. The same is true if your child needs to go to the hospital and the school doesn’t call an ambulance.
  • Your son gets hurt in a fight between unsupervised students.
    • Again, this doesn’t mean the school is responsible for all students who get hurt in a fight. You must show that the school didn’t provide proper supervision to the students at the time of the fight.
  • Your child is injured by a bully.
    • Although this is a growing concern in recent years, schools are not automatically liable for injuries caused by bullying. It depends on the circumstances of your case.

Your Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada Will Demand Compensation

If your child gets hurt at school, your personal injury attorney may sue. If he does, he’ll demand that you receive certain damages, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any property damage

Because the victim is a child, there won’t normally be a loss of wages involved. However, if you can demonstrate that you missed time from work to care for your injured child, the school may be liable to compensate you.

Your personal injury attorney must prove actual damages in order for you to recover. You won’t get a settlement simply because your child had an accident. You have to prove that he has injuries.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Today

If your son or daughter gets hurt at school, you are going to need a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. Suing a school is a very difficult thing. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may not be able to sue at all. Let an experienced attorney review your case so you know your rights.

Call and schedule your initial consultation today. It is absolutely free and gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have. And remember – you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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