What Happens When You Fall, and No One Sees It?

Slipping and falling is something that happens to nearly everyone. Most of the time, people fall, and they’re generally okay with nothing more than a scratch or a bruise. But falling or catching yourself in the wrong way can lead to a variety of medical problems. Questions such as will you need a slip and fall accident attorney and how can you move forward with your recovery will take top priority.

Are You Sure No One Saw?

Typically someone sees a fall, but there are cases where you’re alone in a public bathroom or in some other more private setting if you’re absolutely sure that no one saw you might be surprised to learn that security camera might have caught the incident and recorded it even though there were no witnesses there to report it other than you.

If no one saw, make sure that you report the fall to the manager or someone nearby right away. People that fall on city property usually have to file an official complaint with the city. But make sure to take pictures of the area and document the address or general location as well as your injuries.

Surveillance Footage and Other Forms of Hidden Evidence

Surveillance footage is becoming surprisingly useful in legal cases, and most businesses have some form of surveillance either in or outside of their store. With a Las Vegas attorney, you can start to look for hidden evidence through these channels. Security footage, footage from street light cameras, and even cell phone videos from witnesses.

Hidden evidence can be tricky to find, and without an attorney, on your case, you may have no way to access it. Often people won’t go through the process of submitting requests for information and placing subpoenas without legal guidance. You can get a head start on that by involving an attorney straight away with the goal of gathering this type of evidence as early as possible.

Obtaining the Evidence for Your Fall Case

Because no one saw and you’ve already gone through the information on security footage, you should start piecing together your medical evidence. Medical diagnoses and documentation of your injuries can help support your case, and if there were no witnesses, it might be the only thing keeping it active.

If you start your case with nothing more than medical evidence, then you’ll need to prove that you didn’t have these injuries previously. That means going through your medical records and proving that these injuries aren’t from older injuries and that they aren’t consistent with an ongoing condition.

Medical evidence is usually easier to access, but you may have to update your medical records multiple times during the case if you’re still receiving treatment. Your doctors may submit a treatment plan that they believe will lead to a full recovery. But, you may also need to rely on a medical expert to explain that your injuries are consistent with a fall, or specifically with a fall that happens as you say it did.

Should You Hire a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney When There’s No Evidence?

If there is no evidence, meaning no medical evidence (which would mean no injuries) and no witnesses or video proof, then you may not have a case at all. During a consultation with a local Las Vegas attorney, they would be able to tell you if you had a case or not.

You may not need to employ a professional attorney, but you should at least go to a consultation and learn about slip and fall cases. You should explore every option possible, especially if you have medical debt or property damage from the fall. A consultation is a chance for you and the attorney to decide if the case is worth pursuing or not.

Will a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Even Take Your Case?

At Nettles Morris, you’ll have access to personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas who are willing to work with your case and help you understand the evidence available. Even if you fell or slipped or tripped and no one saw, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Fortunately, many businesses throughout Las Vegas use security video surveillance, which means that it’s possible if your fall happened in a public place that it was caught on some form of video.

Contact Nettles Morris now to get started on building your case and claim. Learn if you’ll have an option to go through an insurance company or if you’ll be filing a lawsuit against a person for your injuries.

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