What to do if the Police Reported the Accident Wrong?

When you are involved in a car accident, one of the first things that you should do is call the police. Having the police on the scene of your car crash will ensure the creation of an accident report. The importance of an accident report relies on the details within it.

Insurance companies often use these reports to determine who was at fault for a car wreck. But there are times when an accident report contains inaccurate information. This can affect the outcome of your case and prevent you from getting a settlement after your car crash. An accident attorney in Las Vegas can help.

While it is possible to request that an error in your police report be amended, your attorneys in Las Vegas can help you through the process. At the time of your accident, you will receive a claim number that allows you to pick up a copy of your accident report. These reports are usually ready within five days after the police have made their determination of who was at fault for the accident.

When you pick a copy of your accident report, it is imperative that you review it for accuracy. If you notice a mistake, you need to act quickly to have it changed. Your accident attorneys in Las Vegas can help facilitate the change by petitioning the police department, but this is not an automatic guarantee that it will get amended.

If there is a factual mistake in your accident report, you can easily have this changed. You just need to prove what the mistake is and provide the correct details that the officer missed. This could be anything from a misspelling of your name to the wrong model number of your car.

Who is at fault?

When you don’t agree with the judgment of the police officer that decided who was at fault in your car accident, it is more of a challenge to get it changed. Because this is the police’s decision, it is harder to get these details changed in an accident report. This is where you need an accident attorney in Las Vegas to help you file a petition to change the information in your accident report.

One option that you have when the information in your police report is inaccurate, and the police are refusing to amend it is to ask that your version of the car crash be added. This additional information may not change the judgment of the police, but it does provide your side of what happened in your car accident.

Sometimes the details of an accident are left out of the report. This was overlooked by the police, and at your request, you can have it added. A dedicated injury law firm in Nevada can help with the process.

Other times you may have made a statement that you now believe to be false. This can easily happen in the confusion of the accident or because of the pain of your injuries. Your accident attorneys in Las Vegas can petition the police department to show that your mental state was compromised as a result of the accident. Your medical records can show that the extent of your injuries was to blame.

How Can an Accident Attorney in Las Vegas Help Me?

When you decide to hire accident attorneys in Las Vegas, you will receive the representation you need to amend accident reports and fight your crash case. Your attorney in Las Vegas will hold a consultation with you so you can speak in confidence about your accident. They will determine if you have a case and look into your injury and property damage claims.

Your accident attorney in Las Vegas can fight a negligent driver after a car crash. They will get you compensation for your injuries to help you pay your medical bills. Your accident attorneys in Las Vegas will fight for your rights and secure a fair settlement in your case.

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