How Much Can Surgeries After a Car Accident Cost?

Car accidents cause about 50,000 deaths every year in the U.S. No matter how mild an accident seems, it has the potential to cause upheaval to the lives of victims. Something as minor as a fender bender can send you to the hospital with some major injuries. To make a full recovery, many victims are required to undergo surgery after a car accident.

Unfortunately, surgeries and recovery from accidents can cost a lot of money and time. If you are a victim of someone else’s reckless or careless actions resulting in an accident and injuries, you ought not to have to pay for the surgery needed to get healed.

Herein we will discuss and explore some common surgeries you might need in the aftermath of a car accident. We will also touch on the cost of the surgeries and the best ways of ensuring the at-fault party pays for the surgeries. Read on to learn from the best Henderson car accident lawyers.

Common Surgeries You Might Need After a Car Accident

As a collective, Americans drive over 3 billion miles every year. Unfortunately, the trend of increased car accident deaths seems to continue every year. As you can appreciate, car accidents are unfortunately common phenomena.

As a result, Americans collectively spend over 1 million days in the hospital every year while recovering from vehicular accident injuries. Many of the recoveries require corrective surgeries to heal. Some of the injuries in this category include:

1. Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are common in the aftermath of a car accident. It is common for a person’s knees to get twisted into unnatural directions or crashed into the dashboard in a car accident. This results in damage to the ligaments, bones, and cartilage around the knee, all of which need surgery to fix. Beyond the surgery, the injured knee needs months or even years of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The average cost of knee replacement surgery is about $50,000. This is not pocket change and many people will need help to pay for the surgery. If you find yourself in such a situation, we can help you get the funds needed to pay for surgery after a car accident.

2. Spinal Injuries

A car collision exerts extreme forces on the car, which are transmitted to the human occupants. The occupants of the vehicle are throw, jolted, and bounced around, causing some serious injuries to the delicate spinal cords and the spinal column.

Under such forces, vertebrae are susceptible to breaking, and the disc can rupture. Such injuries often require surgery and years of physical therapy and rehabilitation. In some situations, victims need emergency surgery after a car accident to relieve swelling and pressure that can cause paralysis induced by spinal cord injuries. There is also a possibility of accident victims suffering from chronic pain throughout the rest of their lives.

Spinal surgery after a car accident costs vary considerably. However, it is common for such medical care to creep into the tens of thousands of dollars. Factor in the rehabilitation and the physical therapy and the total cost becomes overbearing.

As you can appreciate, back injuries can inflict extreme emotion and physical pain, and the financial devastation to match. Every year sees over half a million people file for personal bankruptcy protection due to their inability to pay their medical bills. If you find yourself in such a situation, takes to steps to avoid being a statistic.

Work with our experienced car wreck injury lawyers to get the financial aid you need. Avoid financial ruin and maximize your physical and financial recovery. Call us today!

3. Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (TBIs) are also a common outcome of car accidents. TBIs occur when a person suffers a jolt or a blow to the head in the car crash. The most common form of TBI includes concussions. On the severe end of the spectrum are the permanent impairment and disabilities.

There are also injuries that result from the direct damage of the brain tissues. Swelling and bleeding can exacerbate such injuries, thereby requiring emergency surgeries to relieve and minimize the harm done to the brain. Naturally, such a complex surgery tends to cost thousands of dollars. There is also an additional cost of long-term care that will continue after surgery because of a car accident.

4. Broken Bones

It is common for car accidents to break the bones of the occupants, no matter how mild the accident is. The vast majority of broken bones do heal with the aid of straightforward medical care. However, the more complex fractures require multiple surgeries and implants to stabilize and repair the bones. Such surgeries can cost thousands of dollars, especially when the multiple surgeries are needed to fix the bones.

5. Internal Injuries

Among all the injuries common to car accidents, internal injuries are some of the most severe and dangerous an accident victim can sustain. Collapsed lungs, ruptured organs, internal bleeding necessitate extensive surgical intervention witch costs running into the thousands of dollars, or more often than not, more. There are also long-term health complications that increase the cost of recovery.

Expensive Medical Procedures Payments

Recovery from injuries resulting from car accidents is a slow process. You will obviously miss work while recuperating. In certain cases, you might have to give up working indefinitely as you recover. In the most severe cases, it is impossible to go back to work in the same fields you did before the accident.

Naturally, this will place you in a precarious position; you have to deal with mounting medical bills, while you deplete your reserve of paid time off and at the same time deal with dwindling cash flow.

Fortunately, you can use the law to help you deal with the situation. Car accidents should not ruin people’s financial stability, especially when they had no hand in causing the accident. With the help of a skilled car accident attorney, car accident victims are at liberty to take legal action to obtain the necessary payment from the culpable party.

While the damages available to accident victims will vary from case to case, there is almost always a direct economic implication of the injuries caused by an accident. For instance, there are lost wages and medical expenses.

As you know, lawsuits are not settled overnight. However, you still need money to cover the cost of medical care. For the vast majority of accident victims, figuring the best insurance policy to cover their health care is the next step.

Some of such policies include:

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance – Depending on your state, you might have an auto insurance policy that includes a PIP coverage. Such a policy will insure you for the medical cost you incur for injuries sustained in an auto accident. If you have a PIP policy included in your auto insurance, the insurance company will pay for medical care up to a certain limit.

• Health Insurance – If you have health insurance, the policy may cover some of the costs of healthcare in the aftermath of an accident. Obviously, the cover is subject to coverage limits, deductibles, and co-pays.

• Workers’ Compensation Insurance – If car accidents take place while at work, the workers’ compensation insurance can cover the cost of medical care.

It is important to note that if your insurance carrier covers the cost of medical care and you take legal action for damages, the carrier is entitled to get reimbursements for the payments made towards your medical care. Talk to experienced personal injury lawyers in Henderson, Nevada about how insurance companies can pay for your medical care as while your legal action process takes its natural course.

Insurance Settlement Dangers

Top Tip: never confuse your own insurance coverage with a third party insurance offer to pay for medical care.

If the insurance carrier for the driver at fault reaches out to you in the aftermath of an accident, you should tread carefully. This carrier is not interested in looking out for your interest. If they offer to settle, it means the driver they are covering is probably legally liable for the accident. As such, the insurance company only wants to get out of the liability, while paying out as little as possible.

Such direct settlement offers are common but tricky insurance tactics that carriers use. The insurance company makes the offer with the hope that you need some money now, and you are will to take any settlement offered, even an unfair settlement.

Do not fall for this tactic! Such carriers are only taking advantage of you. When you agree to a settlement, you give up on the right to take further legal action. Do not give up these rights so easily and cheaply. Work with an experienced lawyer who is adept in evaluating the full amount of damages you deserve for your car accident injuries (including the cost of medical procedures such as surgeries). Work with a skilled negotiator to get a fair settlement with the defense attorney and insurance companies.

6 Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident

What you do in the immediate aftermath of a car accident influences your ability to recover compensation from the at-fault driver. Below are the golden tips to protect your well-being, health, and legal rights:

Step 1. Call 911 – While this might seem like an obvious thing to do, we have listed it as the first thing to do to emphasize its importance. Always call law enforcement officers and the medical personnel in the aftermath of a car accident. This ensures you report the accident to the right authorities, whereby a crash report is created. Calling emergency medical treatment officers serves to save lives and reduce the severity of any injury incurred.

Step 2. Take Pictures – If you can move around the medical scene safely, take as many pictures as possible. Include pictures of the vehicles, the surroundings, and the road surface.

Step 3. Speak With Witnesses – If there are any accident witnesses, try to talk to them and get their names and contact information. This will enable your attorney to make follow-ups. Their statements can help you recover compensation from the at-fault driver.

Step 4. Seek Further Medical Attention – After you have received any emergency medical care at the accident scene, always follow up with your doctor. They will evaluate you for any hidden injuries that the emergency response team might have missed. Serious injuries that might impact your whole life, might not present any symptoms at the scene of the accident, or even for days. Do not gamble with your life and health. Ensure you get follow-up care. Furthermore, the medical records created by your doctor will help you in your quest to receive damages.

Step 5. Create A Personal Injury Journal – While recovering from the ordeal and the surgery after a car accident, it is natural to want to forget the trauma you went through. However, you need to find the courage and write about everything you go through. Keep a journal of your recovery and healing process. This helps you put into words the difficulties and pain you experience. Such as record will come in handy when you take legal action seeking compensation for the harm and the discomfort that you and your family go through.

Step 6. Contact An Expert Car Accident Injury Attorney – Do not wait for the car accident to turn your life upside down to contact a car accident injury lawyer. Keep in mind that as time passes by, it gets more and more difficult to collect critical evidence that will help build your case. Moreover, proving that someone else is liable will hard, especially if you handle the case alone. Work with a lawyer right from the start to give yourself a chance to recover all the compensation you deserve from your injuries.

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Vehicle accidents cause injuries that can cause severe and long-lasting emotional, physical, and financial pain. While money will not turn back time, or take the injuries and the related discomfort away, it will pay for the care you receive and the lost income. It will give you the support you need and deserve to make a full recovery and return to living a normal life.

Learn more about your legal rights in case you are injured resulting in surgery after a car accident. Reach out to Nettles Morris Law Firm. Our experienced car Henderson-based accident injury law firm will answer all of your questions and help you throughout the road to recovery and getting justice.