Can I Sue My Landlord for Emotional Distress in Las Vegas?

Some people prefer renting to owning a home. There is a lot less responsibility involved when you rent. And, you don’t have to worry about paying a mortgage, taxes, and insurance. But renting also means you have to deal with a landlord.

For some people, the only time they see their landlord is when they pay their rent. Their landlord is pleasant and fixes things on time. They’d be happy to rent from their landlord for years to come.

For other people, having a landlord can be a nightmare. Just because someone rents you their house doesn’t mean they have to be pleasant. For some landlords, having rental properties is nothing but a source of income. They look at it as a business relationship and nothing more.

There are also times when dealing with your landlord can be very difficult. If you’re dealing with a landlord who has evicted you illegally or refuses to fix your unit, it can be frustrating. For some people, it’s more than frustrating. It can be a matter of harassment.

If you’re dealing with a landlord who has treated you unfairly, you may have a legal claim against him. This claim could be for harassment or even emotional distress. You should call and speak with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas to discuss your rights.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys Can Deal with Your Landlord on Your Behalf

You would think that if a landlord-tenant situation gets heated, both parties could just walk away. However, it’s not that easy. If you’ve been living somewhere for a while, it may not be so easy to just find somewhere new to live. It can be expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention that fact that you shouldn’t be forced to move if you’ve done nothing wrong.

There are some situations that can lead to harassment and emotional distress at the hands of your landlord. These situations include:

  • Forcing you to live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions
  • Continually threatening to evict you for no legitimate reason
  • Harassing you and your family
  • Talking poorly about you to neighbors and friends
  • Physical abuse towards you, your family, or pets
  • Unlawfully preventing you from entering your home
  • Verbal abuse towards you

Unfortunately, these things happen more often than you may think. Some landlords think they’re above the law. They have no consideration for their tenants.

What is Emotional Distress?

The term emotional distress can be quite vague. When we hear it, we know what it means. And, we know it when we see it. But, what is emotional distress from a legal standpoint?

Emotional distress in a personal injury case is the impact someone’s outrageous treatment has on you. It has many manifestations, including:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Inability to sleep
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Depression
  • Humiliation and embarrassment

Although it seems extreme to think that a landlord could cause emotional distress, consider a few of the following situations:

You’ve rented from the same landlord for five (5) years. You’ve always been an ideal tenant. Your husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It’s the middle of winter and you have to take him back and forth for treatment three (3) times a week. You let your landlord know that you’re going to be one week late with the rent because your husband is now out of work. You’ve never been late with the rent before. When you text your landlord, he responds with a long text verbally assaulting you and threatening to evict you. He then comes to your home and starts yelling from outside that you and your husband are nothing but deadbeats. He bangs on the door and demands that you pay the rent immediately or he’s kicking you out of your home. The neighbors all see this, as does your sick husband and three (3) young children.

This situation causes you and your family to be very upset. Your husband gets so upset that he has to be rushed to the hospital. You can’t look your neighbors in the face for fear of what they must be thinking. Your husband ends up passing away two days later from a massive heart attack.

Clearly, you have a potential case for emotional distress against your landlord.

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