Do I Really Have to Call the Police After My Las Vegas Crash?

If you’ve ever been in a Las Vegas crash, you know how it goes. The two drivers get out of their cars, shaking their heads. They try to be cordial, both of them saying it was their fault. The other driver suggests you just exchange insurance information and go about your business. They may even promise to pay to get your car fixed. They explain how calling the police will only make things more difficult. And a big part of you agrees with them.

Calling the cops after a minor car accident seems like a bit much. If nobody’s hurt, what’s the big deal? Your car may not seem it’s in bad shape. It’ll only cost a few thousand to fix and the other driver said they’d pay to get it fix. But did you ever think about how you can make him honor that promise? It’s not like you can check to see if they really are who they say they are. You have no way of knowing if the insurance information they gave you is even legitimate. Their policy could’ve expired or lapsed for non-payment. The person driving the car may not even have permission to drive the car.

The reason we suggest that you always call the police after your Las Vegas car accident is because of things like this. It happens every day. Someone agrees not to call the police after their crash and are then paying through the nose to get their car fixed. And, if you are injured, who’s going to pay your medical bills? If your injuries were caused by a car accident, your private health insurance is going to expect to be reimbursed. This is why it’s a good idea to call and talk to an experienced Las Vegas crash lawyer. They can help get you justice. But this is a lot easier if they have a police report handy.

How Does a Police Report Help Prove Your Car Accident Case?

People don’t realize just how important it is that you call the police after a car accident. If someone hit you with a baseball bat, you’d call the cops, wouldn’t you? You’d expect them to cover any medical bills you incur as a result of your injuries. So why should it be any different with a car accident? If the other driver is at fault, don’t you want the documentation to prove it? That’s why you have to call the cops after an accident, even if it’s a minor crash. Besides, you’re legally required to report the accident anyway.

The police are going to come to the scene and do a complete investigation. They’ll check to see if either of the drivers are drunk or under the influence of drugs. They’ll get their insurance information and make sure they have a current driver’s license. They can also talk to witnesses to see what they saw. Once the accident scene is cleared, these things can’t be done. There’s no way for your Las Vegas car accident lawyer to find out who was at the accident scene. And, even if they know the names of the witnesses, there’s no guarantee that these people will want to talk to your lawyer.

The other thing about calling the police is that they’re credible. If your case does go to trial, the jury is not going to doubt what they hear in the police report. They trust the police – at least to the point where they don’t see any reason for them to lie. If their report says that the crash happened a certain way, the jury is going to believe it happened that way.

Call and Talk to One of Our Experienced Las Vegas Crash Lawyers Today

If you get into any sort of car accident in Las Vegas, you need to call the police. If you don’t, you can make your car accident lawyer’s job a lot harder. There are things in a police report that your attorney simply can’t get on their own. And, even if they can, it may be very time consuming and expensive to do so. This is why it’s always best to let the police sort things out. This way, your Las Vegas car accident attorney can focus on getting your claim paid. Call today and set up a date and time that works for you. Sit down with a skilled Las Vegas, Nevada injury lawyer in our office at absolutely no cost to you. And remember – you pay nothing until your claim is resolved.

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