Can I Still Get Compensation if the Other Driver Was Uninsured?

While it is a legal requirement for all drivers in Las Vegas to carry auto insurance, some still choose to drive around without it. In the event that you get into an accident with such a driver, the situation can be quite complicated. The fact that they don’t have auto insurance to quickly settle your medical expenses and/or car repairs can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. However, a Las Vegas auto accident attorney can offer the assistance you need.  

If you have been involved in an auto accident caused by an uninsured driver, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. The driver opted not to carry auto insurance coverage as required by the law, and you shouldn’t have to suffer for their poor decisions. Keep in mind that it is not only illegal for a person to drive without auto insurance in Nevada, but they could also be cited for an accident.  

Accidents With Uninsured Drivers

In case you have gotten into an accident with an uninsured driver, you need to seek the assistance of an accident attorney in Las Vegas. Considering that such drivers don’t have auto insurance, getting compensation from them is often difficult. But with the assistance of a Las Vegas car accident attorney, you can file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for losses and damages suffered following an uninsured driver accident.

By effectively filing a lawsuit, you will be able to prove your injury and property damage claims. However, you also have to keep in mind that the uninsured driver will most likely not be in a financial situation to pay a settlement. You will often find that the main reason why these drivers don’t have auto insurance is that they can’t afford the premiums. So, in such instances, your settlement will often be delayed, or you don’t get it as fast as you might want.

When a judge orders an uninsured driver to pay a settlement, the defendant may be offered the option to make payments. What this means is that, rather than receiving a lump sum settlement, your payment will be spread out over a period of several months or years. Even though this may not be the best outcome in your case, you will still receive the compensation owed to you over time.

How Can a Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney Assist Me?

In the unfortunate event that you get into a car collision with an uninsured driver, it is important that you seek the help of a Las Vegas accident attorney. They will help you throughout the process of filing a lawsuit against the driver and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. A Las Vegas auto accident lawyer fully understands the laws regarding uninsured motorist accidents. They will ensure that your rights under the law are protected after an auto accident.

A reputable car accident lawyer in Las Vegas will provide you with expert legal representation in court and throughout the process. They will address all your questions and concerns and guide you on the best course of action. They will closely work with you and help you build a strong case that wins in court.

You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of an auto accident caused by an uninsured driver alone. You have a legal right to compensation, and your Las Vegas accident attorney will help secure a settlement payment. The fact that the negligent driver doesn’t carry auto insurance coverage doesn’t mean that you have to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses or property damage. They will secure a favorable outcome in your case and help you push through after an auto accident. 

An auto accident attorney in Las Vegas will offer guidance on the legal process and help you understand the best course of action in your case. Having a Las Vegas auto accident attorney working for you is crucial when dealing with an insured driver. You are entitled to compensation in an uninsured driver accident. Your attorney will secure a fair settlement that covers your bills and property damages.

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