Christian Morris


Christian Morris, Esq., is a personal injury trial attorney. She focuses exclusively on personal injury cases and making sure her clients obtain a just verdict or settlement. She is licensed to practice law in Nevada in both state and federal courts. Christian also holds bar licenses in California and New Jersey. In February, 2012, Christian successfully passed the New York State Bar. In 2013, Christian was accepted to the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, and she continues her work with the College and alumni.

Christian is well respected in the legal community for her candor, hardwork and commitment to the civil justice system. She has conducted both jury trials and bench trials. Christian’s primary objective is to work within the jury system to get justice for any individual whose life has been forever changed by an injury to their body or mind.

Christian gets personally involved in each case and takes time to get to know her clients and their families. Christian will never let any client be bullied by a big insurance company just because they have more money to hire expensive attorneys and doctors.

Prior to fighting for injured people, Christian worked at one of the oldest and largest insurance defense firms in Las Vegas. There, she learned how big insurance companies take in all the money; but when someone is injured by their insured, they refuse to justly compensate that injured person. Instead, big insurance companies hire attorneys to fight these victims, in hopes of preventing other people from trying to get compensated for their injuries. The primary objective for insurance companies and large corporations isn’t to help people, it is to protect their profit margin; they are motivated by greed. That is why Christian began her work in personal injury. She sees the jury system as an opportunity for representatives of the community, the jurors, to speak the conscience of the community; to set the community standard. It’s essential that the community speaks, because if a big insurance company or large corporation is allowed to oppress one injured member of the community; they will be able to do it to any member of the community.

Christian is originally from Maine; where she was raised on a farm. Most of her family members are still in Maine and Christian goes back as much as possible to visit them. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Christian was active in politics and worked for Senator Collins from her home state of Maine, and later as a grassroots staff member on a Presidential Election campaign. She is an active member of the Nevada Justice Association, the American Association of Justice, the American Cancer Society, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Christian enjoys pretty much all activities and sports.