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Nettles Morris Law Firm, Nevada Trial Lawyers is an established and reputable personal injury law office serving clients in Las Vegas, Henderson and throughout Nevada.

Since 2003, Brian Nettles has been deeply committed to preserving the rights of injured people and their families in the region. Whether it is as an auto accident lawyer, brain injury attorney, or slip and fall lawyer, he takes very seriously the impact and ramifications these incidents can have on victims and their loved ones.

Personal injury and the law code surrounding it can be difficult and complex. Additionally, such traumas often come with significant emotional upheaval for the injured. It’s best to seek the advice and representation of a knowledgeable professional who is extremely familiar with the state code. This kind of support takes the burden off of you, so that you can focus on healing.

In the unfortunate event of a loss of life due to another’s negligence, Nettles Morris Law Firm can act as a wrongful death attorney. While legal action cannot bring back a loved one, it can secure the benefits that will make life a little bit easier in the aftermath.

For the best personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, contact Nettles Morris Law Firm, Nevada Trial Lawyers. We would be honored to represent you.

Purpose. Values. Vision.

We have knowledge and experience in our areas of practice. We’ve tried hundreds of cases. Together, our chief litigator and office director have worked more than 30 years for insurance companies. We understand when and why a claim has merit and how to leverage our position for the best results in every case.

We have always made taking and returning client calls one of our highest priorities. We know this is the biggest complaint most clients have with law firms. We know just hearing the voice of one of our attorneys can bring a small amount of comfort to clients during their trying times.

We genuinely care about our clients. We do our best to make sure our office is a friendly, welcoming and non-intimidating environment for everyone who comes here. We enjoy working hard and working together, and we want our clients to feel like they’re part of a great and compassionate team.

We listen and respond with respect and clarity to everyone – not just to clients, but to our co-workers, opposing counsel and the courts, as well. Respect is always earned, not given, and we intend to earn the respect of everyone we come in contact with.

We put our clients’ best interests first. We are loyal to other members of our firm. Being loyal to our clients interests first means that regardless of result, they know their best interests were served by us. 

We live in this community. We understand the opportunities and the challenges, and we’re committed to getting involved and giving back wherever and whenever we can. Our vision is to keep growing as we continue serving great clients in an exceptional community. Our hope is that you’ll come and grow with us.

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