Brian Nettles & Christian Morris

Our firm was founded in 2003.  We began as a one-man operation with founding attorney Brian Nettles typing, copying and preparing every document in every case and then driving to the courthouse to file each one, personally.  In just a few years, we’ve grown to include four practicing attorneys and 15 terrific staff.

Everything we do is driven by one core purpose – to help the injured and their families by providing the best possible communication and highest quality legal services available.

We value competence, communication, integrity, respect, loyalty and community, and we try to make those values a central part of our lives and our work.

Competence – We have knowledge and experience in our area of the law.  We’ve tried hundreds of cases.  Together, our chief litigator and office director have worked more than 30 years for insurance companies.  We understand when and why a claim has merit and how to leverage our position for the best results in every case.

Communication – We make taking and returning client calls one of our highest priorities. We know this is the biggest complaint most clients have with law firms. We know just hearing the voice of one of our attorneys can bring a small amount of comfort to clients during their trying times.

Integrity – We genuinely care about our clients.  We do our best to make sure our office is a friendly, welcoming and non-intimidating environment for everyone who comes here.  We enjoy working hard and enjoy working together, and we want our clients to feel like they’re part of a great and compassionate team.

Respect – We listen and respond with respect and clarity to everyone – not just to clients, but to our co-workers, opposing counsel and the courts, as well.

Loyalty – We put our clients’ best interests first.  We are loyal to other members of our firm.

Community – We live in this community.  We understand the opportunities and the challenges, and we’re committed to getting involved and giving back wherever and whenever we can.

Our vision is to keep growing as we keep serving great clients in a great community.  Our hope is that you’ll come and grow with us.

Our Attorneys