$7.20 Million

Fatal Rear End Collision


$29.50 Million

EMT Negligent Treatment

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$1.350 Million

MVC Resulting In Death of Client


$750 Thousand

Truck Accident Resulting in Death of CLient

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$2.7 million

MVC Crash Settlement

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Everything we do is driven by one core purpose – helping the injured and their families.


The Nettles|Morris Law Firm is working safely and available during this national emergency. Contact our Nevada personal injury lawyers today with questions regarding your existing case or about a prospective case with our firm.

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We are Nevada personal injury lawyers that exclusively represents injured victims and their families. For us, the greatest “success stories” come long after a case is resolved – it’s when our clients lives are put back together. In many ways, our firm was built on past clients remaining a part of our family.

Whether it’s a question, some practical advice, or even a new case, we’re committed to being available and continuing to provide assistance in any way we can. Sometimes that means shedding light on a simple legal matter. Other times, it means helping a client connect with a professional in another field.

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Most days, you live your life without having to worry about personal injury. However, even though we can go through the majority of our lives never needing help in this department, an injury can occur at any moment because of a variety of factors. Sometimes injuries come along with life-long health consequences.

Nettle|Morris Law Firm is equipped with a team of professionals ready to fight for you, so you can receive fair compensation. No matter how complex a personal injury case might appear, we can represent you. and help you to reach justice.

Call our personal injury attorneys if you or a loved one has encountered an injury.

With over 6 million car accidents happening yearly, 3 million people injured, and 2 million severely injured to the point of permanent disability, it is important to know that we are here for you.  Accidents are the third highest cause of death in the U.S.

Our accidents lawyers in Henderson, NV are here to make sure, that in the event you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you know that we have experts ready to take on the case and fight to get you the justice you deserve.

Car accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how great of a driver you are. With Nettle|Morris Law Firm you can rest assured that you will be in professional care to receive fair compensation.

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Motorcycles are the embodiment of freedom on the open road, however, an accident can strike at any time. No matter how safe a rider you are, most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligence and third-party error.

Motorcycle accidents are responsible for over 14% of all motor accidents in the US, and unfortunately, the numbers are rising.

Have you been hurt in such an accident?

We represent victims of motorcycle accidents and do what it takes to get them fair and just compensation for their injuries.
Our legal team of experts at Nettles Morris Law Firm will represent you and fight for you to receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Did you know that every 15 minutes someone is seriously injured or killed in a truck-related accident? It is a fact that over 500,000 truck-related accidents and a loss of 5000 people occur annually.

Large trucks are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents. In the instance of a fatal accident, 98% of the fatalities occur in people driving the other vehicles.

If you have been a victim of a trucking accident, we will make sure to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Trust the team of experts at Nettle and Morris Law Firm and we will do what it takes for you.

When we hire a ride, we expect safety and professionalism. However, Uber riders can also fall victim to accidents.

Did you know, currently Uber does not carry insurance coverage for passengers who are hurt in Uber accidents?

Uber accidents can be a complex mess to sort through as generally, the insurance that applies might be secondary to the Uber’s driver own personal insurance.

If the accident was caused by a third party then we will fight to get you everything you deserve based on the other driver’s insurance.

If you have been injured during an Uber ride, allow our expert team to represent you and get you the maximum compensation.

It can happen anywhere, you may be shopping for groceries or just browsing a store, but without warning, you can become severely injured due to a slip-and-fall accident. A store’s negligence shouldn’t leave you out in the cold, paying for medical bills.

Sustaining an injury due to a slip-and-fall accident can leave you with serious harm and hefty costs. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you’ve been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, get help seeking compensation for your injuries by contacting the Nettles Morris Law Firm, and their dedicated legal team will help you get fair compensation.

We are here to help any family member bring a wrongful death case to justice.

If you suspect wrongful death, it is advised to let us know as soon as possible. In the state of Nevada, the lawsuit needs to be filed within two years from the passing of the individual. Keep in mind that the sooner you file the lawsuit, the higher the chances for the case to end in success.

You should file a wrongful death lawsuit if you suspect one of your deceased loved ones hasn’t been given the attention that they deserved.

If you suspect this is a possibility please call us as soon as possible.

Las Vegas foot traffic is becoming steadily more dangerous over the past decade, seeing a rise in the number of traffic fatalities involving pedestrians. Most pedestrian-related accidents are due to negligence on the part of drivers. This is because the motorist is either ignorant or disregard the laws governing foot traffic.

In the state of Nevada, pedestrians using a crosswalk, or obeying crossing signal, usually have the right of way, and vehicles are expected to yield. This is unfortunately not always the case.

If either you or someone you know has been the victim in a pedestrian accident, look to the legal team behind Nettles Morris Law Firm, and then let the experts get you the compensation you deserve.

Premises liability is typically associated with slip and fall accidents, however, this law governs a much wider range of elements. The state of Nevada grants victims the right to compensation of injuries on someone else’s property if it is unsafe, not limited to only commercial properties.

If you or a loved one is harmed due to the negligence of a property owner who doesn’t take enough care to keep their property safe, you may be entitled to compensation. The Nettles Morris Law Firm will help you fight to get what is owed from the property owner who is responsible for paying for their damages.

Let our professional injury attorneys help you understand the different elements of premises liability, and allow our expert team to represent you and get you the maximum compensation.

Dealing with a defective product and the harm that is caused by it can be frustrating and in many cases dangerous, if not life-threatening and fatal.

Keep in mind that the responsibility of the product lies with the seller and that currently there is no federal product liability law to protect you.

Know your rights, and claim your fair compensation.

In Nevada, the state law requires manufacturers to pay for a victim’s losses.

We will represent you and make sure you receive the maximum compensation for any grief caused due to a defective or harmful product.

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We work hard every day so we’re prepared to deliver the highest quality results for our clients.

Our clients are our first priority, and our firm’s success depends entirely on the clients we serve.

We’re committed to keeping in touch with clients. Our greatest “success stories” come long after a case is resolved.

Community involvement is important to every attorney and staff member at the firm. Each of us is committed to giving back.

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